Pamela Cummins Dreaming of PinterestAre you on Pinterest? Have you just dabble in it? Become a pinning addict? Or somewhere in between? Personally, I can answer yes to all those questions. I went from a personal Pinterest account, to a business account, and then just dabbled with it while I focused on Twitter. Sadly, Twitter isn’t working like it used to for me. I couldn’t decide if I should shift my focus to my Facebook business page or Pinterest; when my angels whispered, “Pinterest.”

Listen to your angels for their information is always accurate; therefore mine were spot on. Pinterest has really grown by leaps and bounds! There is a ton of data on the internet how Pinterest helps your business. My website analytics verify this fact, considering the majority of my blog traffic is coming from Pinterest, thus my social media marketing focus has switched to them.

As a result, my focus of Pinterest during the day is coming into my dreamland. I dream of creating pins (an image or text visual which is pinned onto a board category), doing a makeover of my account, and communicating to other pinners. LOL!  Am I the only one who dreams of Pinterest? Here is a short, but sweet dream when during the daytime I worked on finding keywords for an upcoming promotional pin:

In a cloudy atmosphere, I was speaking to a female spirit guide about my Pinterest promotion, she told me that I had chosen really good key words that fit my niche.

I know it wasn’t much, yet the dream meaning clearly states that I am on the right path, I’m doing a great job, and gave me validation to pay for advertising a pin.

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Did you ever have a Pinterest dream? I love to hear about it to let me know that I’m not the only one. Would you care to see my new and improve account? You can check out my profile, follow me, and become a contributor to my group boards on my Pinterest account.

Dreaming of Pinterest in the Nighttime


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