I’m pleased to announce that the course Dream Interpretation for Beginners: Learn the Basic on How to Interpret Your Dreams is now on the Udemy platform. In case you never heard of Udemy, they have about 15 million students and around 140 thousand teachers. If you love to learn, Udemy is the place for you, as they discount their courses all the time. If you’re a teacher looking for a platform, you will discover a ton of blogs on the internet listing the pros and cons of Udemy; therefore, I hemmed and hawed before putting a course up there.

Dream Interpretation for BeginnersMy course on Udemy is from part of the course How to Interpret Your Dreams, which is on Teachable. Sadly, some of my fancy slides I had to redo in order to meet Udemy’s approval, although the audio is the same. This course is aimed at beginners; however, those with some knowledge of interpreting dreams may also benefit. Please check out the course at Dream Interpretation for Beginners: Learn the Basic on How to Interpret Your Dreams.

About the Author Pamela Cummins

Pamela Cummins specializes in dream interpretation and personal and spiritual growth. She is available for dream analysis and coaching. You can read and submit questions to her column In the Dreamtime in Bellesprit Magazine. Pamela is the author of Learn the Secret Language of Dreams, Psychic Wisdom on Love and Relationships, Insights for Singles: Steps to Find Everlasting Love, Personal Growth Affirmations, the FREE eBook Pamela's Love Collection, and the self-improvement oracle deck, Purrs for Humans.

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