The first prize is a one hour dream interpretation session, which the winner can have me to analyze their dreams or learn skills to do their own dream interpretation. There will also be three runner-ups who will win coupons to get the course Dream Interpretation for Beginners: Learn the Basic on How to Interpret Your Dreams free. Click to learn more.

Pamela Cummins specializes in dream interpretation and personal/spiritual growth. She is available for dream analysis, coaching, and workshops. Pamela is the author of Learn the Secret Language of Dreams, the FREE eBook Got Dreams? Discover Your Ideal Dream Journal, four other books, and Analyze Your Dreams Oracle Cards.


  1. To win any of these prizes would be a dream come true. Sorry Pamela, I had to go there. 😊
    In my latest dream I was helping a man arrest a woman. He called for help on his radio: “101! 101! We need assistance.”

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