Dreaming About Unwanted Sexual Advances

How do you feel when a person you’re not interested in expresses an unwanted affection or sexual advance? Emotions could range from ego trip to disgust. Those feelings are magnified when you dream about a man or woman making a proposition for sex. Read on to discover why you’re dreaming about unwanted sexual advances.

When a male client shared his dream, I asked if I could use it for my blog.

His Dream

I was at a house that was having a stag party. Somehow I ended up in somebody’s bedroom, lying nude on a bed with a naked young woman on top of me. She started gyrating her groin area onto my junk. I kept yelling, “No, no, no!” But she continues to gyrate. There was a part of me that wanted to because I was so turned on, yet at the same time I kept on seeing my wife’s pretty face in my mind. Finally, I pushed her off of me.

Unwanted Sex Dreams Interpreted

Five Dream Interpretation and Possible Dreams’ Meanings

  1. He is being reminded of how much he loves his wife.
  2. His fantasy of having an affair was carried into this dream.
  3. A young woman has shown him unwanted attention.
  4. This could be a precognitive dream warning him of future events.
  5. Post regrets of cheating on his wife.

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What’s Pamela Dreaming

I was at some kind of gathering when a fundamentalist Christian man approached me expressing how enthralled he was with me. Feelings of being repulsed by him came up; therefore, I immediately told him, “I’m in a relationship.”

Then an attractive, hippy/new age man started hitting on me. Even though he was mesmerizing, my partner’s face came into my mind and I replied, “I’m already in love with another man.”

Upon awaking, I had an attitude of gratitude for my mate. The dream was reinforcing my commitment to him, while expressing how he was balanced between the two extremes of being a fundamentalist and new ager.

What I love about both dreams is the lessons of: being committed in a love relationship, rejecting instant gratification, choosing wisely, and executing boundaries. These two dreams are excellent teachers of what to avoid and actions to take during our waking lives.

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Dream Meanings of Unwanted Sexual Advances

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