Have you noticed that my blogs about dream interpretation and my methods of analyzing dreams tend to be done in an intuitive/metaphysical style? Hey, what can I say, I’m psychic! Which is why I thought my audience may enjoy Rachael of Pillow Picker’s blog about dreams that is backed up by science. 

In this blog there are interesting facts about dreams, such as

  • Dreams serve as problem solvers.
  • Dreams may lead to better physical and mental health.
  • Nightmares have many causes.
  • Dreams can last up to a full hour!
  • Sight isn’t the only sense we utilize in our dreams.
  • Dreams have led to notable inventions.
  • And so much more…

To read more of this fascinating blog, please click https://pillowpicker.com/dreams/interesting-facts-about-dreams/ and why you’re there check out her pillows.

30 Dream Facts with Guest, Rachael of Pillow Picker

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