We all got to go; hence, defecating will appear in our dreams. Even if it’s a natural part of life, there are some people who will feel uncomfortable about this post. However, dreams about poop are very common. The following quote from my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams sums it up nicely:

Pamela Cummins author, dream interpretation quote

Please remember that everyone’s dream symbolism is different; therefore, one symbol can literally have thousands of meaning depending on the dreamers: past experiences, obstacles, relationships, upcoming events, and emotions in the dream. These following seven poop dream meanings are for the general public:

  1. Letting go.
  2. Holding on.
  3. Cleansing your issues.
  4. Feeling grossed out.
  5. Reminding you that sh*t happens.
  6. Alerting you to intestinal health problems.
  7. Cleaning up someone else’s messes.

Feelings In Dreams

Feelings always play a major part in your dreams, which you can learn more about in these two blogs Emotions in Dreams, Aids in Dream Interpretation and Feeling Emotions in Dreams. Here’s an example to showcase this point with.

After you defecated in a toilet, people walk into the bathroom looking at your poop and some are holding their noses.

  • Embarrassment could mean you don’t want people to know about your issues or bodily functions.
  • A sense of relief may indicate that you can stop hiding who you are and be yourself despite what others think.
  • Anger might be a signal that you don’t want people to know about your dirty laundry.
  • Feeling proud can be symbolic that you no longer care what people think about you.

Not Coming Clean

There are many types of poop dreams; however, a common one is no matter how much you wipe your butt with toilet paper, it’s not coming clean. Which can mean the following:

  • You feel dirty about yourself.
  • You have more issues to resolve that you may be denying.
  • You need to stop being so rough on delicate problems.
  • You have to stop trying to be perfect and accept the imperfect parts of yourself.

Overflowing Toilets 

Another dream people have about poop is overflowing toilets that can be symbolic for:

  • You’re not dealing with your problems.
  • You take on others crap.
  • You’re full of sh*t literally or symbolically.
  • You’ve plumbing issues at your home.

Other People’s Poop

The last common dream that I will mention is when it’s other people’s poop. Which could be about:

  • Your child finally went number two in the toilet.
  • You allow others to crap all over you.
  • You’re standing up to abuse from others.
  • You’ve realize that it’s their poop and not yours.

As you can see, your poop dream can have many meanings. If you need assistance interpreting your dreams or desire to learn how to interpret your own dreams, please visit dream interpretation services.

Poop Dream Meanings


    1. You are describing an environment dream, George. Which I touched upon with the dream message that I gave for overflowing toilets can mean you’re of sh*t literally or symbolically. The urge to urinate is a huge theme in environment dreams, too. Hmm, I thought that I did an entire post about environment dreams for my website, but I didn’t, so it’s on my blog to do list.

  1. I dream about when I go to bathroom to poop, then I rush to my friends and I felt I didn’t need to finish to poop.

  2. I dreamt I was at Andrew Cuomo’s house (old not a mansion) a weird hole in the wall sideways toilet you had to step up to – door wouldn’t close – I had difficulty pooping – only little bits at a time- AND wiping was difficult – used so much toilet paper – got some poop on my hands 🤮

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