And yet another request for a free dream interpretation prompted me to write this post, Would You Work for Free? Personally, I know people deserve to be paid for their time, expertise, services, and products. Free samples, not the whole enchilada, are a nice way to test out something. Yet, I wouldn’t ask or expect something for nothing that clearly cost money.

Thoughts on Would You Work for Free?

It’s amazing how strangers expect me to interpret their dreams for free! Sadly, I know this also happens to other business, which is why I wrote the blog How to Respond When People Ask for Free Services on my other website.

When I receive a stranger’s request about what does their dream means, when I clearly stated that this is a paid service – my first thoughts are can’t you read and would you work for free? How much do you want to bet they would refuse to work for nothing, while feeling insulted, too?

Sample of Would You Work for Free

Message on Facebook

A man reads my blog post, Dreaming of a Deceased Pets where it clearly states at the end that if they need help with their dream I have services. Instead of leaving a comment on the blog, he went to my business Facebook page to message me on how great and helpful the blog was. That I probably get hundreds of requests for free interpretations. Then he went on to leave me a long winded message about his pet, the loss of his beloved pet, his dream, and drum roll, please – what does it mean?

Dream Visitation meditation


Honestly, I just scanned his message as my time is precious, while feeling insulted that he ignored my clearly stated message that interpretations are a paid service. Did he expect that by buttering me up with a compliment that I would work for free because he’s just so special?

Response to His Request

I am sorry for the loss of your pet and understand how hard the grieving process is. You’re correct that I get a TON of request in the comment section of my blogs, in social media messages, and even emails for free interpretations. Obviously, I can’t use my time or expertise for free as I have monthly business expenses AND cost of living expenses that must be covered. And quite frankly, like everyone else in the world – I deserved to be paid for my work! If you can’t afford my services, I have plenty of FREE blogs, video/podcast interviews, and even a gift package. There are lower cost items – online classes, meditations, and books. You can purchase an email dream interpretation and I’m also doing discounts on Tuesdays through September 2020 at

There wasn’t a response back, giggle, what a shock that was.

Final Thoughts on Working for Free

If we lived in a world that wasn’t based on money and all our needs were met; I would be happy to do free dream interpretations. The name of this website is Learn Dream Interpretation, which is why there’s plenty of free education on the site and a free gift, too. Obviously there’s a cost for products and services.

This last experience has showed me that on my popular blogs, sadly, I will now have to type in large fonts – you’re welcome to leave a comment, although I DO NOT interpret dreams there, instead you can purchase an interpretation here… In the future, if someone messages me on what their dream meaning is, I’ll reply with a link to this blog.

Lastly, please respect the fact that products, services, music, art, books, and so forth are all done by people who are paying bills, just like you are. When you want free, ask yourself, “Would I work for free?”

Would you work for free

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