Just like past life regressions, past life dreams cannot be scientifically proven as evidence that we lived other lives before. Nevertheless, just because past lives haven’t been validated by science or are against someone’s belief system – doesn’t mean they don’t exist. In this post, I will go over how to tell if you had a past life dream and how dreaming of your past lives assist you in your present life.

Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live.

Albert Einstein

When we are in our physical bodies we are trapped in space and time; therefore, it’s difficult to imagine that other planes of time could exist. Once upon a time, I worked as an adviser for psychic lines. The four letter word I constantly heard from clients was when. When is this going to happen, when will I meet someone special, when will he propose to me, when, when, when… These clients had a hard time understanding when channeling information from a higher realm that time doesn’t exist there; hence, it was difficult to give an accurate timing of when.

There are so many theories about time; for instance, all time is happening now – past, present, and future. Whatever your beliefs are about time, a past life dream happens for a reason and can help you.

Past Life Dreams Characteristics

Here are eight signs that you’re having a past life dream:

  1. You know it’s you, but you are another person.
  2. The scenery is from a time in the past.
  3. People are wearing old-fashioned clothing.
  4. Words are being spoken in another language or in an older English format, yet you understand the words.
  5. Your family and friends are another ethnicity than in your present life.
  6. Belief systems are different than today’s beliefs.
  7. Somehow you know the year and it’s in the past.
  8. There aren’t any modern conveniences. For example, communication is done by a messenger on horseback, by handwriting a letter, or a rotary phone.
8 Signs of a Past Life
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What Past Life Dreams Help With

Some people wonder why we can’t remember all our past lives. One reason is we would have a hard time staying in the present and focusing on this lifetime. Another reason is it could cause mental illness and other hardships. This is why a past life is only revealed when a person needs it. It’s easier to recall past lives through hypnotic regression and during dreams.

Past life dreams can assist you with:

  • Why you are experiencing an instant attraction or dislike for someone.
  • The reason you are having a certain issue in your life.
  • A talent that came to you naturally without any effort.
  • So-called irrational fears.
  • Characteristic traits.
  • Health problems
  • Attraction to or revulsion from a certain time period or culture.
  • What you need to work on or accomplish in this lifetime.
  • And more…
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Past Life Dream’s Example

Let’s take the common fear of flying. There might be some people in your life to tell you to just get over it. This advice either causes you more stress or anger: especially if you have no idea where this fear came from. Instead, ask for a solution dream. Perhaps, you dream the following:

You are a pilot flying over Germany during World War II preparing to bomb a town. When all of a sudden the plane starts to have engine trouble. You’re terrified with the “what if’s.” What if I get capture and take prisoner by the Nazis? What if I never see my wife and children again? You die instantly as your plane crashes into the ground.

Can you prove that you really were a pilot? Even if you searched history and discover that pilot truly existed – there will always be people who will poo-poo it. What’s important to take from this dream is how it can aid you in overcoming your fear of flying. Sometime just knowing where the fear came from can help you overcome it. Or at least it’s a good beginning to take the steps to work through this issue…

Final Thoughts

Personally, past lives always felt right to me. My Higher Source allows me to make mistakes to learn lessons and some lessons need to be repeated over and over and over… for me to finally comprehend it. I just couldn’t believe that a loving Higher Source would just give me one shot and if I messed up (a religious philosophy) – my soul was damned for eternity. Plus, I’ve had past lives recall in dreams, meditation, and hypnotic regressions. Which is why after becoming an advanced hypnotherapist in the early nineties, I also became certified in past life regression.

You are welcome to leave your past life dreams in the comment. Please note that I do NOT interpret nor tell you what your dream means in the public comment section. Instead, please visit the dream interpretation services page. If you need assistance with your past lives, check out spiritual growth coaching on my other website.

Dreaming of a past life
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  1. My Australia shepherd passed and came home and walks on the bed and cuddling against me but very time I take a nap she’s on the bed and she follows me in the house I love her and it happens every night too it makes me cry can you please send me a text back

    1. Brian, I am sorry for the loss of your Australia Shepherd. Since you left your comment on the Past Life Dreams blog, I can’t help but wonder if you knew each other before or will meet again in a future life. My blog -, Dreaming of a Deceased Pet may help you during this time. Click here to read https://learndreaminterpretation.com/2019/09/09/dreaming-of-a-deceased-pet/
      If you need further assistance, please visit my dream interpretation services at https://learndreaminterpretation.com/dream-interpretation-services/

  2. This past life dreams thing is interesting. I’m 19, and just had a terrifying military dream. There were a lot of details that I never seen or experienced in this lifetime that were so familiar and panic inducing that I had to look this past life dreaming stuff up. I’m going to need a lot more information to find my own particular truth, but this here was a good way to start. ☺

    1. That does sound like a past life dream, James, and I’m glad this blog helped. If you need help in the future besides dream interpretation, I can help you with PLR with my spiritual growth coaching. For now, I realize you need more information and would recommend checking out Brian Weiss website. Back in the 90’s I attended a seminar where he was a speaker out and ran into him and his wife in an elevator. I said, “Your Brian Weiss.” Duh, and I was so embarrassed after the words left my mouth. Thankfully, he was very nice about it. Here’s his website link https://www.brianweiss.com/

  3. Hi Pamela, I believe I had a past life dream, but what was different was that I was an observer.. I was me but I was watching a solitary thin black gay man, sweeping the floor in a warehouse. The warehouse was located in NY, NY and it was a warehouse that housed ladies dresses from the early 1950’s. The black man was most likely in his mid 60’s..he was happy, there was jazz music playing softly, and he was sort of dancing while he was sweeping. He was all alone, it was like he was working some sort of closing shift and he was on his final stretch of his shift… I was floating up close to the ceiling but at a distance of about 30 feet. My dream was just watching him… I felt happy and at peace..I felt that he was me…I dream a lot but this is my one and only dream where I felt like it might have been a past life dream… is it possible to have a past life dream where you are just an observer and the person you are observing is you?

    1. Great question, Deborah! Back in the early 90’s, I became a certified advanced hypnotherapist and also was certified in past life regression (PLR). When a PLR becomes too much for a client it is a common practice to have them step out of the former life’s body and watch it as an observer. Therefore, it would be very possible to have the same thing happen in your awesome dream!

  4. In September 1984 when I was 5 yearsat the first time I was in special needs class I had a dream about bullying somebody with a severe learning disability less able than me in that dream she had a narrow neck I believe that’s what I must have done in my previous life the older one was about a 9 nine year old non verbal girl sitting on a baby chair in a restraint.

    1. This dream has shown you to be kind to others and yourself, Chris. And to understand that hurt people will, sadly, hurt other people. The bullying cycle will be broken when each individual acknowledges/feels their pain and take responsibility for their actions.

  5. I regularly have very vivid dreams involving elaborate interactions and communications with people who I seem to know intimately and sometimes by name in the dream but bear no resemblance to anyone in real life. I am often moving among large crowds. The settings in my dreams many times are older urban neighborhoods, expansive big cities, or much older buildings with exquisitely detailed architecture–I have seen beautiful mansions and cathedrals. Often I am examining wonderful old documents, artistic creations, or antiquarian items, again very clear and vivid. I can sometimes hear beautiful music loud and clear. Let me add I am a very imaginative person in real life and have a good amount of artistic ability. And interestingly, my older daughter, who is an art teacher, has the same kinds of dreams. So–a very creative brain or past lives??? Or both? I am naturally a skeptic and scientifically oriented, but I have an open mind….

    1. Thanks for sharing your interesting dreams and perceptions, Michael. Dreams don’t always fit into one category. You could be a creative person having past life dreams, the past life dreams are triggering your creativity, or perhaps you’re experiencing a heavenly plane in a different dimension. This is why I give several interpretations when I analyze a client and/or student’s dream.

  6. Years ago I saw a dream, where I was rich man in Spain. I had my own Villa and even my own slaves (or somehing like that). I was rude to everyone. I was wearing white long cape and somekind os hat-thing. I had longer black hair. My Villa-like house was all white and majestetic. I was going downstairs and yelled at people. I spoke fluently and angrily in spanish. In real life I can not speak at all any spanish. In the waking process I was amazed of my spain skill until I totally woke up and forget this skill.

    The other dream I saw yesterday was where I was in the war. I was a man, middleaged. Calm minded. I was carring an injured person with the others. There was summer. We were in somekind of gravel road which was next to the forest and bushes. I heard the war going near and there was sand dust in the air where the morning sand layed its ray. I was little afraid of who is coming from the dust, I was hearing horses. And it was belarusian soldier with the red-white flag with the cross and soldier on it. I knew it was one of us. I knew in dream that the time is about 1900’s and we are with russian and belarus soldiers fighting against germans.

  7. Recently I had a dream where I was me but a few years older and I was in the space that felt timeless. In this dream I interacted with a man who had a gold and red dragon wrapped around him when I thought of him and when I think of him now. But in the dream even though we were in a timeless spot and I was a future self this man felt like he was from an older time. In the dream he offered me love and the dream ended when I accepted it and allowed myself to love him in return. When I woke up and thought of the dream I knew the man as being a past self.

  8. I recently had a dream where I saw a 1964 rocket taking off. I was standing in the middle of a street in a small town at dusk, right when the streetlights would’ve been turning on. I looked up in the sky and the rocket seemed about the size the moon looks during a super moon. I dropped my strap on 4 wheel skates on the ground to stare up at the rocket. I felt like I was witnessing something historic. Then the rocket almost started to fall when the bottom half of the rocket exploded in the sky, causing my house a lot of damage.

    I know little to nothing about the 60s or about rockets other than the fact that I grew up really liking space. I looked up information about this dream only to find out that in 1964 before scientists learned that they can’t launch rockets near rural towns where people live, this sort of thing did actually happen. Not to mention, that is how rockets actually take off, where before leaving the atmosphere, the bottom part of the rocket essentially explodes off as a way to propel the rocket upwards while midair.

    I don’t know how I’d know any of this other than this being some sort of past life dream. And I don’t know why I’d need to know about something like this now…but it made me paranoid the next day.

  9. I had a dream I was a settler in Indiana. I was in a house made of wood and it looked very old. I looked down at my two twin younger sisters. Or at least I thought they were my sisters. They couldn’t speak good English and I was teaching them to say a word.
    Mom was talking about how we would be the first homestead in Indiana.
    I looked outside and there was horse tied to a post. I was nervous father was going to come home soon.
    I saw a giant long, long road going down into the empty country side. Looked for my father . There he was on horseback.
    It was the 1620s. Colonial United States.

  10. hi I had a dream just few days ago…I was at some world war but it was slightly different than my usual dreams, like all of the people in my dream their faces would always be blurry but there was this one guy about my age (16-19) we seemed to know each other only that was the first time we met…and his face was very clear in my dream and our conversation as well, and it felt like I knew he lived on a farm but in another country…and he’s from another culture. he also told me that when we still last saw each other I threw an egg on his head but that didn’t show in my dream but it felt like I really did that.

    but then it might not be a past life because when we talked about the war, he then came to conclusion that I was from the future and I sarcastically said yup…so I don’t know if I said that as a joke or not

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