Losing a loved one is very painful, which is why precognitive dreams for an upcoming death can help prepare you. In this post, you will learn how to tell if your death dream is truly predicting a death. Then I will use examples of my personal dreams to demonstrate how they warned me of my cat Merlin’s death.

But first I would like to point out that is common for people to have dreams of their deceased loved ones after they pass. This is why my blog posts in the category dreams of the deceased receive a ton of visits every day. I recently read that precognitive dreams for an upcoming death rarely happen. Which makes me shake my head as I had predicted death dreams for my mother and two cats, Midnite and Merlin. If I can have these dreams, I know others have them, too.

Precognitive Dreams for an Upcoming Death

Now, before you freak out that you or someone is going to die, please note that dreaming of death can signal:

  • Transformation in your life.
  • Lessons that you have learned; in other words, that chapter has ended.
  • Prior past life memories.

If you desire to learn more of what death could represent, read the blog If You Die in Your Dream, Will You Die?

Dream Visitation meditation

Signs of Precognitive Dreams for an Upcoming Death

Here are five characteristics that your dream is a prediction for a loved one to pass:

  1. This dream is more vivid than your other dreams.
  2. A feeling and/or knowing that this event will come to light.
  3. You have the ability to recall this dream when you usually don’t remember your dreams.
  4. It breaks through your denial of signs that you have been ignoring.
  5. As time passes more evidence appears, whether that is your loved one having health issues or behaving recklessly.

The Gift of Knowing

Realizing a loved one is going to cross is very upsetting. However, these are the benefits:

  • Spending quality time with your loved one.
  • Making amends and repairing issues in the relationship.
  • Hugging and kissing them.
  • Reminiscing about the good times.
  • Preparing things for the inevitable.
  • Letting them know how much you love them.

There may be other gifts that I haven’t written. Doing the above reduces the regrets of what you should’ve and could’ve done.

Pamela’s Precognitive Dreams for an Upcoming Death

Pamela Cummins and merlin dreams
Holding my baby, boy Merlin

Loss of a pet can be just as hard as or even harder than losing a human loved one. Our pets are with us constantly in ways that people can’t be. Perhaps the shower is the only time I have complete privacy; nonetheless, my cats sometimes wait for me to come out. When Merlin was a kitten, he used to play/attack me while I was in the shower. You can read about mine and Merlin’s relationship on the blog, My Baby, Boy Merlin, which is on my other website.

What’s Pamela Dreaming?

My seven dreams assisted me before Merlin’s crossing and I will share three of them. Perhaps my dreams will help you in some manner?

First Dream

Merlin jumps up on the bed purring and rubbing his head against me. The love between us was incredible. And I knew that it was important to spend more time with him, while knowing those are his wishes, also.


Sadly, my heart ached as I knew this was a probably a precognitive dream for Merlin’s upcoming death. Because a psychic asked me what was going on with Merlin. After this dream my soul mate, Chris, said he was worried because Merlin was losing weight in his hip and back legs. Chris advised me to make a vet appointment.

Second Dream

This dream occurred before the vet appointment as follows:

On my front lawn, Merlin is lying down in the grass with a huge snake around his body and a big leopard sitting next to him. The snake is squeezing him and starts going around his neck. Merlin is calm and peaceful. While I’m freaking out. I’m also terrified as I want to pull the snake off of him, but afraid it will attack and hurt me.


Upon awakening, I immediately knew this was symbolic for Merlin preparing his transformation into the other side and the leopard was his spirit guide. My baby boy felt peaceful about his upcoming transition as he knows that this is a normal part of life. Meanwhile, I’m not okay with his dying. I desired to protect him, plus terrified of going through the pain of his death and life without him.

When I used to do psychic readings, there was always a theme that cats were purrfectly at ease with the prospect of death; however, their owners were not. Some of these humans put their cats through painful medical procedures, which the cats didn’t want.

Third Dream

I’m flipping through a photo album after Merlin has passed (he was still alive when dreaming this), when I come across a picture of me sitting on the bed next to Chris with Merlin laying by my legs at my old bedroom when I lived in Morehead City, North Carolina. My hair color is like it is today, transitioning to its natural hair color, yet I dyed my hair when lived in Morehead City.

Then the photo turns into a video that Chris is filming. Rhiannon (my girl cat who is still alive) jumps on the bed and I start singing. I get out of bed still singing and the video goes for a close up. My hair is shoulder length, and the color is salt and pepper. Then it closes in on my face and neck area that have a ton of wrinkles (much more than I have now). I think to myself, boy, did I get wrinkly as I watch the video. But the feeling of happiness is enormous in the video.


This last dream is showing me that life is about transition from past, present, and future. To enjoy these moments, spend time and express myself with those I love, plus to enjoy the lessons/wisdom from life. My life is worth living at any age, while it’s filled with happiness and memories.

Believe me, I made sure to treasure every moment with Merlin before he passed.

In Conclusion

May the lessons from my third dream impact you and inspire you to live your life in the fullest. Please spend time with and enjoy your loved one, regardless of whether or not you had a precognitive dreams for an upcoming death. When they depart, may you know the tremendous sorrow you feel is worth the tremendous love you had with them.

If you need assistance understanding your dream meaning, please purchase a dream interpretation service or visit my shop page.

Please note that if you leave a comment – I do NOT interpret nor tell you your dream comments as that is a PAID service for my expertise and time.

Precognitive Dreams for Death

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