I am having a huge sale at my Etsy Shop on my physical products because I decided to shut it down. Why? The Dream Mystic shop was extremely neglected as a result of my focus being on other aspects of my full business plate. Since it’s a New Year, I decided to lighten the load on the plate to avoid it from breaking. Therefore, I’m shutting the shop down at the end of January 2022.

Huge Sale at My Etsy Shop

Here are the two physical products that are on sale:

50% off Analyze Your Dreams Oracle Cards.

20% off Learn the Secret Language of Dreams paperback.

Learn more and find these products by clicking Dream Mystic *Please note that my digital products are not on sale and will be available at Payhip.

Future Analyze Your Dreams Oracle Cards

There are less than twenty decks left in my inventory and once they’re sold it will be a while before new decks will be available. Next on my list is to begin writing my seventh book. Once the book is published, then I’ll create a different version of Analyze Your Dreams Oracle Cards. The new deck will most likely be available as print on demand at Game Crafter where my other decks are. This company does a much better job at packaging and shipping products than I do.

Final Thoughts

I will keep you posted on the progress of my new book, then the second version of the deck. May you release what is no longer needed on your plate and have a fantastic 2022!

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