Pamela’s Dream Interpretation Journey

Pamela Cummins has had some whacked out dreams in her lifetime. At six years old, she dreamed that a boy (whom she had a crush on) and she were running away from a wicked witch. In her twenties, a man who appeared in her dream had two penises, one was really small, and the other longer penis looked diseased – eww, gross! The Buddha came for a visit in her early thirties and performed a healing on her. Pamela also dreams of more mundane things, such as cleaning, doing loads of laundry, or yard work. Her all-time favorite dreams are of the animal kingdom, especially when their about cat colonies.

Pamela learned how to interpret her dreams (in the early nineties) from a therapist to help heal childhood issues. She discovered how much interpreting her dreams and understanding their symbolism, assisted in her personal and spiritual growth because she had many therapeutic, spiritual, and precognitive dreams.  Her dreams were a catalysis for psychic abilities to come back into her waking life, after being shut down for so many years. Once she healed herself through dream analysis, she decided to pass it on to friends and family, before adding it to her private practice.

Pamela’s Offerings

Pamela Cummins Author

Pamela does dream interpretations by phone, Skype, Zoom or email. She has one-on-one coaching for her clients to learn how to do their own dream analysis and interpretations. Classes and workshops are available for those who desire to understand their dream meanings.

Personal/spiritual growth, love, and relationships are other areas that Pamela is a well-known expert in. Besides being the author of Learn the Secret Language of Dreams, Got Dreams? Discover Your Ideal Dream Journal, and Personal Growth Affirmations, she also wrote three relationship books that are Psychic Wisdom on Love and RelationshipsInsights for Singles: Steps to Find Everlasting Love, and the free eBook Pamela’s Love Collection. Pamela has written for many publications on and off line.  She is also available for coaching and readings. If you are interested in those subjects, please visit her other website 

Pamela’s Personal Side

Pamela Cummins and catsThe more personal side of Pamela is she is in a happy committed relationship. She is owned by two spoiled cats, Merlin (white cat) and Rhiannon (black cat) who on occasion respect her boundaries. One of her dreams is to go to the Serengeti in Africa because of her love for animals. Pamela enjoys walking, yoga, reading, traveling, and dining out. She enjoys music from R&B, old school, rock, folk, New Age, jazz, etc. The “Musical Psychic” even likes some rap, county, and opera. A social media addict, you can usually find her on Pinterest or Facebook. Pamela plans on being on the path of personal growth till her deathbed and beyond…

Merlin and Rhiannon

Pamela Cummins Quote

Pamela Cummins cats
Merlin and Rhiannon’s Hard Life
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