Why Pamela is Dedicated to Dream Interpretation

• Showing people who they truly are by analyzing their dreams.
• Providing solutions and life directions to her clients though the messages of the nighttime.
• Knowing her clients’ personal growth will accelerate by following their dreams’ wisdom.
• Expanding spirituality by exploring our precognitive dreams, spiritual dreams, and dreams of the deceased.
• Watching her clients’ relationships improve by implementing the information from their dreams.
• Eliminating nightmares and recurring dreams by discovering the root of the problem and taking the action steps needed.

Would You Like to:

Understand your dream meanings?
Use the information in your dreams for a better way of living?
Continue to broaden your self-growth and spirituality?

Then Meet Pamela

Pamela Cummins expert dream interpretation
Pamela Cummins, expert dream interpreter

Hello! My name is Pamela Cummins and I’ve been interpreting dreams since the early 1990’s. I am an expert dream interpreter who loves analyzing dreams by email. And I enjoy teaching people how to interpret their own dreams. Besides having a natural knack to put the pieces of the dream puzzle together, I also use my psychic abilities to amplify the messages of the nighttime.

I’ve written seven books, I created four oracle decks, and I’m a blogger. Plus, I have written articles and columns for Bellesprit Magazine, 7th Sense Stories, and other publications online and offline. For almost six years I hosted my own show on several radio show networks, along with a podcast. As a sought out guest, I have been on a ton of podcasts, radio shows, video interviews, summits, and webinars. Besides teaching online, I have taught in person in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Personal growth, spirituality, love, relationships, and psychic readings are other areas that I am a well-known expert in.

What My Clients and Students Like About Me

Naturally therapeutic as they know that they are safe to be who they are and tell me their darkest secrets. Heck, even strangers have done this my whole life.
Gentle honesty without judgment upon interpreting their dreams and explaining how to implement it for their highest good.
Positive and insightful to assist them through their obstacles…
My experience that I accumulated much knowledge about dream interpretation, self-growth, and spirituality.
Encouraging them to be who they are and to continue to grow…
The patience to allow my clients and students to proceed at a pace best for them.
My love of people is why folks from around the world have done sessions with me, because of my accepting nature of who they are regardless of their race, color, religion, or sexual orientation.

My clients tend to be open-minded, growth oriented, have a willingness to work through their blocks, and some type of belief in a power greater than themselves. If you’re looking for a more mainstream approach, Jung or Freud interpretation, or are only interested in what a symbol means; then, I am NOT the right dream interpreter for you.

Pamela’s Dream Interpretation Journey

Wow, the whacked out dreams I dreamt in my lifetime. At six years old, I dreamed that a boy (whom I had a crush on – yes, I started young) and I were running away from a wicked witch. In my twenties, a man who appeared in my dream had two penises, one was really small, and the other longer penis looked diseased – eww, gross! The Buddha came for a visit in my early thirties and performed a healing on me. I also dream of more mundane things, such as cleaning, doing loads of laundry, or yard work. Yet, some of my favorite dreams are of the animal kingdom, especially when they’re about cat colonies.

I’ve always been blessed with remembering dreams; however, I thought they were nonsense, weird, or very funny. Back in 1989, my life was miserable! A close friend of mine’s life was improving as she was in therapy and twelve step programs, this brought on the decision that I wanted what she had; therefore, I began a similar journey. Plus it was a no-brainer to me there were unhealed wounds from my youth; perhaps someday I’ll write a book about it.

It was apparent that my dreams were related to my healing process; however, I had no idea of how to do dream interpretation. Which is why in the early nineties I found a therapist that specialized in dream analysis. For two years this therapist taught me how to interpret my dreams to heal childhood issues. I discovered how much interpreting dreams and understanding their symbolism assisted in my personal and spiritual growth, since I had many therapeutic, spiritual, and precognitive dreams. These dreams were a catalyst for psychic abilities to come back into my waking life, after being shut down for so many years. Once I healed many childhood wounds through dream analysis, I decided to pass it on to friends and family, before adding it to my private practice.

As much as I adore dream interpretation, I realized early on that it’s important to take their wisdom and use it for my daytime living. This led me to a lifetime of learning, studying, and applying spiritual and healing techniques in my life. For I know that as long as I’m alive, there will be issues to work on. Through my journey I became: an advanced clinical hypnotherapist, past life hypnotherapist, body/mind counselor, energy worker, and an ordained interfaith, spiritualist minister. I’m also a former massage therapist and a matchmaker.

Pamela’s Personal Side

Tiger with Pamela Cummins Dream interpretation Expert
Tiger with His Momma

The more personal side of me is I’ve been in a happy, committed relationship since 2012. Our children are a Parakeet (Pedro), Rhiannon (black cat), and Tiger (tiger-striped cat) who on occasion respect our boundaries. What I enjoy most is: walking, yoga, reading, writing, movies, and dining out. Styles of music that I listen to range from: R&B, old school, rock, folk, New Age, and jazz. The “Musical Psychic” even likes some rap, county, and opera. A social media addict, you can usually find me on Pinterest, Facebook, or LinkedIn. I plan on being on the path of personal/spiritual growth till my deathbed and beyond…

My Animals

Here’s a slide show of Rhiannon, Tiger, and Pedro.

Rest in Peace, my baby boy, Merlin. Mama will always love you.
Pamela Cummins Quote
Quote from Learn the Secret Language of Dreams
Pamela Cummins cats
Merlin and Rhiannon’s Hard Life
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