Dreaming of Pinterest in the Nighttime

Dreams of Pinterest

Pamela Cummins Dreaming of PinterestAre you on Pinterest? Have you just dabble in it? Become a pinning addict? Or somewhere in between? Personally, I can answer yes to all those questions. I went from a personal Pinterest account, to a business account, and then just dabbled with it while I focused on Twitter. Sadly, Twitter isn’t working like it used to for me. I couldn’t decide if I should shift my focus to my Facebook business page or Pinterest; when my angels whispered, “Pinterest.”

Listen to your angels for their information is always accurate; therefore mine were spot on. Pinterest has really grown by leaps and bounds! There is a ton of data on the internet how Pinterest helps your business. My website analytics verify this fact, considering the majority of my blog traffic is coming from Pinterest, thus my social media marketing focus has switched to them.

The Importance of a Dream Journal

The Importance of a Dream Journal

The Importance of a Dream JournalHave you awakened from an amazing dream, thought you would remember it, then later couldn’t recall it or only remembered bits and pieces? This happens to all human beings, which is why it’s imperative to document them upon awakening. People have different preferences on how to record their dreams, such as:

  • Speaking into a voice recording device.
  • Clicking a dream journal app on their smart phone.
  • Using a laptop.
  • Sketching their dream into a notebook.
  • Writing longhand with a pen in a fancy journal.

Dating Dreams Expose the “Wrong One”

Dating Dreams Wrong One

Did you know that your dreams of the nighttime can help you with finding the right one by warning you about the wrong ones?  We all know that dating or as my niece calls it “they are talking” can be a hassle, disappointing, or a nightmare! Ta dah, dream interpretation to the rescue. That’s right, your dreams can give major clues and insights whether this person is worth pursuing, red flags in the relationship, or potential danger.

Red Flag Dreams

One client told me of a dream where a man she was dating denied he was drinking a beer, yet he smelled of beer and behaved like he was drunk. Her dream was warning her that he wasn’t honest and probably had addiction issues.

Many Dream Meanings for Home Invasions

In the Dreamtime Home Invasion

Dream symbols and meanings have an endless amount of interpretations depending on an individual personal symbolism, what is occurring in the present, past events in their lifetime, and the emotions felt within the dream. Understanding your dream meanings is an ongoing process, yet aids you in comprehending the age old question – who am I?

“Your Dream Meanings” Pinterest Group Board

Pamela Cummins Pinterest

your-dream-meanings-on-pinterestHere’s your invitation to join the new group board Your Dream Meanings on Pinterest. Please send me a request to my Pinterest profile and I will be happy to include you on the board. All I ask is that please write a few words or sentences in the pin’s comment/description of what you dreamt last night, your recurring dreams, precognitive dream, solution dream, dream symbol,…

You are also welcome to join my popular group board “Couples in Love,” where you can pin a couple of humans, animals, birds, fish, or reptiles.

I look forward to pinning with you!

As the Precognitive Dream Unravels

Precognitive dreams

Future prediction, whether through a precognitive dream or a psychic reading, rarely give a play by play of how an event will exactly unfold; which had made some of my past clients very angry when I used to work the psychic lines. One female caller wanted to know if she was going to get a lot of money from her soon to be ex-husband. My Angels answer was, “You will be taken care of financially.” The woman became furious after she asked the question three different ways and my Angels kept giving her the same answer. At one point she shouted, “You’re not answering my question!” “This is the way my Angels are answering it,” I responded.

Many people are like that female caller in that they expect their precognitive dreams to happen exactly the way they dreamed it. Ha, if only it was that easy. First, you need to identify if it really was a precognitive dream. How can you recognize a precognitive dream? Here’s how:

You’ll Love Best 4 “Pamela’s Dream Blogs”

Whats Pamela dreaming

Work smarter, not harder was the Angel’s message for me during a reading I had with Belle Salisbury. These words of wisdom rang true to me. One thing I can do to work less and be productive is to let go of Pamela’s Dream Blog and just focus on this blog. I looked into the idea of forwarding all the blogs here, which would have caused a lot of work for me. Instead of me working harder; here are the four most read blogs:

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