Messages of Love from the Departed

The Departed Messages of Love

You’ve awaken from an intense dream where you were with someone who is deceased. Was it just a dream or a visit? This happens more than you think; in fact, it’s really a common occurrence. Our departed loved ones visit us in a dream as it’s much easier for them to connect to us than when we are awake. People on the other side energies vibrate at a higher level since they’re not weighted down by the physical body low level vibration. We, Earthlings, dream in a higher frequency level, allowing the deceased to have effortless communication with us.

Let us go back to the question of whether it was an actual visit or just a dream. Usually a visit is a short dream without much action where words and/or feelings are being exchanged. While a regular dream often has action, symbolism, and might have a theme of unresolved issues. However; there are also dreams where there are mixtures of visits, signs, and activities for us to interpret the messages from the deceased. Frustrating, I know; yet who said communication with the departed or dream interpretation was easy. Even the most gifted medium receive messages that are open to interpretation or the client will only understand the meaning days, months, or even years after the reading.

6 Keys to Your Secret Dream Universe

How to Interpret the Wisdom of Your Dreams

How to Interpret the Wisdom of Your Dreams – LIVE PRESENTATION. Sunday, April 23, 12 PM Eastern

If you’re using a dream dictionary or an app to interpret a symbol in your dreams, you are losing vital information on what your dreams are really about. Dreams are guidance from a higher source to enrich all areas of your life. Pamela Cummins will teach you the six keys to use to help you understand your dreams true meanings to enhance your spiritual growth.

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Guest on Angel Messenger

Angel Messenger Dream

What an honor it was to write a guest article for the popular website Angel Messenger! This post explains how dreams helped me create a fabulous life by using them to guide me during my waking hours. It also explains how I used solution dreams to aid me in all areas, including my love life. Click to read the article.

What is a Microphone’s Dream Meaning?

Dream Meaning for Microphone

When I contemplate the meaning of a microphone, I can’t help but think of its connection to our fifth chakra or as some people call it the throat chakra. This chakra is all about clear communication, whether that is through speaking or writing. For some the throat chakra needs to be cleared so they can speak up to enhance their personal growth. While others fifth chakra needs to be less open to avoid being a blabbermouth speaking nonsense.

Microphone Connection to the Throat Chakra

Water Symbol Has Many Different Dream Meanings

Water Dream Symbolism

two main interpretations for water symbolWe need water to stay alive, the Earth is about seventy-five percent water, and on average, most human beings bodies are sixty percent water. No wonder a large amount of my clients dream about water! There are two main interpretations for water. The first is cleanliness, for how could we clean without it?  Secondly, water is symbolic for our feelings; which is why one suit of the tarot’s minor arcade uses the cup symbol for the fourteen emotions cards.

More basic meanings of water are as follows:

Why Am I Dreaming of My Ex?

Why Am I Dreaming of My Ex?, Pamela Cummins

My clientele ask me the blog title’s question quite often. If you broke up with someone recently or even a couple of years ago, it makes sense that you would dream about them. What truly baffles my clients are when they dream of an ex-lover from decades ago. Our dreams often help us process feelings, thoughts, as well as our true heart’s desire, which we are either in denial about or too busy during the day to acknowledge. Dreaming about an ex-mate is helping you heal.

Fear of Remembering Your Dreams

During a radio show interview, the host asked me, “Do most people tell you dream interpretation isn’t real?” My response was, “No, most people who come to me are open to the idea that their dreams have meaning. What I hear often from the general public is I can’t remember my dreams.”

Now, there are quite a few reasons that people have problems with dream recall; however in today’s blog we are focusing on fear. Why would anyone be afraid of remembering their dreams? My quote from the book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams sums it up nicely – There is no denial in the dreamtime, only subconscious and spiritual truths. The reality is there are people who are terrified of daytime reality coming into their in the dreamland. For instance, in their dreams;