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your-dream-meanings-on-pinterestHere’s your invitation to join the new group board Your Dream Meanings on Pinterest. Please send me a request to my Pinterest profile and I will be happy to include you on the board. All I ask is that please write a few words or sentences in the pin’s comment/description of what you dreamt last night, your recurring dreams, precognitive dream, solution dream, dream symbol,…

You are also welcome to join my popular group board “Couples in Love,” where you can pin a couple of humans, animals, birds, fish, or reptiles.

I look forward to pinning with you!

As the Precognitive Dream Unravels


Future prediction, whether through a precognitive dream or a psychic reading, rarely give a play by play of how an event will exactly unfold; which had made some of my past clients very angry when I used to work the psychic lines. One female caller wanted to know if she was going to get a lot of money from her soon to be ex-husband. My Angels answer was, “You will be taken care of financially.” The woman became furious after she asked the question three different ways and my Angels kept giving her the same answer. At one point she shouted, “You’re not answering my question!” “This is the way my Angels are answering it,” I responded.

Many people are like that female caller in that they expect their precognitive dreams to happen exactly the way they dreamed it. Ha, if only it was that easy. First, you need to identify if it really was a precognitive dream. How can you recognize a precognitive dream? Here’s how:

You’ll Love Best 4 “Pamela’s Dream Blogs”

Whats Pamela dreaming

Work smarter, not harder was the Angel’s message for me during a reading I had with Belle Salisbury. These words of wisdom rang true to me. One thing I can do to work less and be productive is to let go of Pamela’s Dream Blog and just focus on this blog. I looked into the idea of forwarding all the blogs here, which would have caused a lot of work for me. Instead of me working harder; here are the four most read blogs:

Number One

Authoring a Book is Like Being Pregnant and Giving Birth

Dreamland Discovery of Your Lifetime Mate

Soul Mate Dreams

“I saw a man in my dream who felt like my soul mate,” I have heard from my clients and radio callers when I hosted The Love Channel Show. The majority of these dreams occurred to women, although it happens to men too. Is it true? Are they really dreaming of their upcoming partner?

Yes, the majority of the times people really do dream of their upcoming significant other. Love’s energy often occurs before the couple comes into contact, whether it’s while you’re sleeping or that common intuitive feeling that you are going to meet someone special. Are you curious what the dreamer dreams about? Here’s some ways he/she could appear in your dreams:

How to Understand Your Dreams’ Special Symbols

Snakes Dream Meaning

Your dream about a snake awakens you out of a sound sleep; now you’re pondering what does it means. You reach for your dream dictionary or click the dream app on your smart phone, look up what a snake means, and choose the meaning that seems right. Is that what your dream truly means? Well, maybe, but probably not.

Dream dictionaries/apps are very general and a great place to start; however, there is a lot more work that needs to be done. If you were having health issues, would you look up your symptoms, and trust everything you read? More than likely, you would seek a medical professional for an exact diagnosis. Dream interpretation is much more complicated than the meaning of one symbol, yet let’s use the snake example of what you could find in the following reference materials:

The Daily Author: Dream Interpretation with Pamela Cummins

Pamela Cummins' Interview on The Daily Author

What an honor it was to be a guest on The Daily Author radio show hosted by Rich Keller! If you are interested in becoming an author, dream interpretation, or self-growth; this show is for you. The interview touched upon my personal growth, which led me to become a dream interpreter. Dream interpretation is one of the major topics, along with my journey of authoring four books. You can listen to the show at The Daily Author or in the MP3 below. To learn more about the host, Richard Keller, please visit Wooden Pants Publishing & Media.


What Fascinates You About Dream Interpretation?

Dream Interpretation with Pamela Cummins

Welcome to my upgraded Learn Dream Interpretation website and blog! I am curious to discover what intrigues you about the meanings of your dreams. The reason I ask is in the upcoming year I plan on doing blogs on the following topics: