Radio Show on Dream Interpretation and Relationship Goals

Pamela Cummins Dream Interpreter on Radio Show

What a blast Gina and I had while discussing dreams and love during the Fox Den radio show! The first hour was focused on dream interpretation, while the second hour was all about ways to manifest healthy relationships. Enjoy the show!

Infographic for Sleep and Dream Interpretation

Pamela Dream Interpreter

A big thank you to my guest, Dromma, for the following infographic for sleep and dream symbols. Please click to read their blog post from where this infographic originated from. And don’t forget to check out their comfortable beds.

Why am I Dreaming of Websites?

Why Am I Dreaming of Websites

We often have dreams of what is occurring in our lives; whether this is an environment dream or a solution dream. This happened to me earlier this year when I was choosing whether to use a website builder or self-host WordPress, and while I designed this website you are currently on. 

Dream Interpretation for Feet

Feet Dream Meanings

When I think about feet what comes to my mind is be where you’re feet are. Feet are necessary in order for humans to be able to stand, walk, run, or do any type of physical activity. Think about what our feet are able to withstand every day; they sure are powerful.

If you look up the dream meaning you could find some of the following interpretations:

House Dream Meanings In the Dreamtime

Dream Interpretation for House

In this month’s segment, two separate readers’ dreams are about their home and families. Read on to discover their dream interpretations.


My dream was about a girlfriend of my sister who wanted to use our house we are living in for a weekend so she could have a gemstone party. She set us up in a nice hotel for the weekend. Can you tell me what that means, please?

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