Spiritual Holiday Gifts

If you’re stuck on what to give a loved one, then check out these spiritual holiday gifts ideas. The following gifts will help you with your creativity, spiritual growth, and of course dreams. I would suggest ordering early since the pandemic will jam up and slow down shipping from the post office, UPS, FedEx, and other shipping sources.

Tiger Dream and Symbol Meanings

Tiger dream and symbol meanings

The idea for doing a blog on the tiger dream symbol and meanings was inspired by our recent twilight tour at Carolina Tiger Rescue. All the photos in this blog were taken by my life partner, Chris, using his digital camera. Besides tigers, we also saw cougars, caracals, a leopard, and more…

Before I go into possible meanings, it’s important to remind you that the tiger symbol can have hundreds of meanings. Why? Each individual has their own unique dream language based on their upbringing, life experiences, present obstacles, and emotions they’re experiencing in the dream. If the dream has people in it, other symbols, different types of landscapes, and more than one dream scene – we just created thousands of potential interpretations.

Interpreting Dreams on the Spiritual Universe

Spiritual Universe with Nick Lanciano

I had a blast interpreting dreams with live callers on Nick Lanciano’s Spiritual Universe show! Nick is a wonderful interviewer and he was especially curious about those dreams that stick with you for decades. We also talked about the dreams that you have over and over aka recurring dreams. By listening to the show below, you will discover how the Nick and the callers’ dreams have valuable information that they can use for better daytime living.

Past Life Dreams

Past Life Dreams

Just like past life regressions, past life dreams cannot be scientifically proven as evidence that we lived other lives before. Nevertheless, just because past lives haven’t been validated by science or are against someone’s belief system – doesn’t mean they don’t exist. In this post, I will go over how to tell if you had a past life dream and how dreaming of your past lives assist you in your present life.

Stop the Recurring Dreams in Three Steps

Stop the Recurring Dreams in Three Steps

You’re reading this because you want to stop the recurring dreams from happening, especially if they’re unpleasant. Your dream may keep repeating exactly in the same manner or have the similar theme occurring in many locations and with different people. In this blog, I will give three steps to stop your recurring dreams and a personal dream example.

Dreams Oracle Cards are Here

Dreams Oracle Cards

Ta-dah, Analyze Your Dreams Oracle Cards proofs (six decks) were a success and the deck is now available for purchase in my Dream Mystic Etsy shop! At this moment there are only three decks left for sale, yet I ordered twenty-five decks that should be shipped soon.

What a journey it was to create this oracle deck… If you’re interested in creating your own deck, check out the blog post Want to Create an Oracle Deck. To learn how I made this deck, please read Dream Interpretation Oracle Cards.

Here’s a quick action video of Analyze Your Dreams Oracle Cards:

Air Element in Dreams

air element in dreams

This may seem strange to you, but I don’t consider the air element in dreams as a symbol. Rather, I think of it as part of the dream scene and/or background. However, it’s a symbol if you’re inhaling air, filling up a balloon, or on the air as in live radio. Whether a dream scene or symbol, air is usually associated with some type of action.

Would You Work for Free?

Would Your Work for Free

And yet another request for a free dream interpretation prompted me to write this post, Would You Work for Free? Personally, I know people deserve to be paid for their time, expertise, services, and products. Free samples, not the whole enchilada, are a nice way to test out something. Yet, I wouldn’t ask or expect something for nothing that clearly cost money.