Dream Meanings on Soul Fire Wisdom Radio

Soul Fire Wisdom Dream Meanings

What a pleasure it was being interviewed by Kate Olson CPC, CHt on her show Soul Fire Wisdom Radio. Below you will discover the live video to watch or audio to listen to.

The host, Kate, is a Certified Life Transformation Coach, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP (Neuro-linguistics) Practitioner, Reiki Master and you can learn more about her on this website.

Guest on New Age Spirit Radio

New Age Spirit Radio

I had such a blast with Angel Thacker of New Age Spirit Radio during her live interview of me! Time flies by when you’re having fun and boy, did the time zoom by… One of the callers had an interesting dream that helped demonstrate how dream dictionaries can be very confusing.

Interviewed by Wendy Garrett

Wendy Garrett

When you listen to Wendy Garrett radio shows it’s very apparent that she’s a very skilled and professional host, who has much experience in the industry. Wendy is also is an intuitive, blogger, artist, and channel. What an honor to be on her shows!

Our conversation focused on how our childhood situations appears in our dreams, precognitive dreams, and visitations elements. You can listen to the show at the following three places:

Dream Meanings for Hair

Dream Meanings for Hair

Because of the coronavirus, many people in the United States and around the world are having bad hair days! Which is one of the reasons I’m writing a blog on dream meanings for hair, plus a client gave me permission to use her dream. And I also had a dream regarding my hair – aka mop. The first part of this post will be about possible general meanings. Then I will interpret two dreams, my client’s dream and mine. With a personal account of what’s going on in my life.

Reflections on Dream Interpretation Quotes

Reflections on Dream Interpretation Quotes

If you search the word quotes on the internet, you will find thousands upon thousands of quotes as people just love them. These nuggets of wisdom inspire our minds to ponder. Which is why I decided to do a blog about my reflections on dream interpretation quotes, where I give feedback on some of my favorite dream quotes.

Guest on Paranormal Karen

Paranormal Karen Dream Interpretation podcast

What a blast I had as a guest on the Paranormal Karen podcast! We discussed how to remember your dreams, dream symbols, dream categories, tarot, and more on this hour show. Besides doing paranormal work, Karen Rontonwski is a gifted comedian who has appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, Sirius Satellite Radio, Comics Unleashed, Comedy.com, Live at Gotham, Comedy Central and Mysteries of the Unexplained.

Listen to the show on the audio or on the YouTube video below.

Bad School Dream During Coronavirus

Bad School Dream during Coronavirus

There is always a reason for a dream and during this time on the planet many more people are remembering their dreams as we have slowed down in society. Upon awakening, I thought to myself – what a bad school dream I had! During the day, I debated whether or not to share my nightmare since it’s been a while that I did a “What’s Pamela Dreaming” blog. Yet, the purpose of this website is to teach and help people, without further ado…

Answers to Dream Interpretation Questions

Answers to Dream Interpretation Questions

A college student sent me an email asking for answers to dream interpretation questions for a research paper. Since I enjoy teaching about dream analysis, I was happy to assist her, and answered five questions. The writer in me is always seeking an ideal for this blog and since they were my answers, I decided to use it for a blog. Please note that the student’s questions have been reworded to protect her identity.

Woodpecker Symbol Dream Meanings

Woodpecker Symbol Dream Meanings

Recently, a Pileated woodpecker has been spotted in our yard that inspired me to write a blog on the woodpecker dream symbol meanings. Woodpeckers are very shy, often hiding from humans. Which is why I was excited when I noticed him while I was washing the dishes and shouted out to my partner to come quickly. We watched him in awe for a few minutes, then took pictures and video! The pictures and video in this blog were captured by my partner on his camera during the woodpecker’s next trips to our home.

Spiritual Chapter Dreams

Spiritual Chapter Dreams

It’s been on my list to write a blog about spiritual chapter dreams, which is a subcategory within the spiritual dreams category. Recently, I interpreted a dream for a client that was a perfect example for spiritual chapter dreams! She was kind enough to allow me to use her dream for this blog in the hopes that it may help someone.

In case, you have no idea of what I mean by spiritual dreams, here’s a section from my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams for a clearer definition: