Dreams Oracle Cards are Here

Dreams Oracle Cards

Ta-dah, Analyze Your Dreams Oracle Cards proofs (six decks) were a success and the deck is now available for purchase in my Dream Mystic Etsy shop! At this moment there are only three decks left for sale, yet I ordered twenty-five decks that should be shipped soon.

What a journey it was to create this oracle deck… If you’re interested in creating your own deck, check out the blog post Want to Create an Oracle Deck. To learn how I made this deck, please read Dream Interpretation Oracle Cards.

Here’s a quick action video of Analyze Your Dreams Oracle Cards:

Would You Work for Free?

Would Your Work for Free

And yet another request for a free dream interpretation prompted me to write this post, Would You Work for Free? Personally, I know people deserve to be paid for their time, expertise, services, and products. Free samples, not the whole enchilada, are a nice way to test out something. Yet, I wouldn’t ask or expect something for nothing that clearly cost money.

Dream Interpretation Oracle Cards

Dream Interpretation Oracle Cards

Whoo-hoo! Coming soon! A dream interpretation oracle cards that I’ve been creating for quite some time! It’s quite an adventure making a deck and in this post I plan on writing my experience. Plus reveal three cards from the upcoming deck.

Event for Dreams of the Deceased

Event for Dreams of the Deceased

Many people find dream interpretation fascinating; however, dreams of the deceased are what my clients and readers of my blog are most intrigued about. It’s amazing the amount of people who visit daily to read my three blogs – Dreams of a Deceased Father, Dreams of a Deceased Mother, and Dreaming of a Deceased Pets. Which is why I decided to do a free virtual event during this time when many of us have to stay indoors. This event is over; however, you can watch a portion of it when you click 3 Types of Deceased Dreams.

All My eBooks Are on Sale

All My eBooks Are on Sale

In honor of Read an eBook week Sale at Smashwords, all my eBooks are on sale from March 1st to March 7, 2020. This is their eleventh annual sale, which is a good way to test out the authors and receive deals on the Smashword platform. My eBooks are 50%, 75%, and 100 percent off! You can download and read these books on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Subscription Courses

Subscription Course for Dream Interpretation

To subscribe or not to subscribe that is the question. As a society, we tend to enjoy subscriptions, whether that’s with books, movies, or music. It’s almost like being at a smorgasbord where you can pig out, but with entertainment. Have you ever been hooked on a series that’s on Netflix or a similar on-demand video streaming services, it is one A.M.in the morning on a weeknight, but say to yourself – just one more episode?

Many people love subscriptions for the savings and variety of choices. Who makes the most money from subscription plans? Big companies, for example: Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, and Amazon. These companies often take large cuts from authors, musicians, and others profits; however, some people who use these platforms to submit their works can earn mega amounts of income.

Let’s face it, subscription plans are here to stay as the majority of society is using one or more daily. Fortunately, it’s not mandatory where you have to put your creative works. For instance; I agonizes over words, sentences, and paragraphs for my nonfiction books. If I put these eBooks into the Kindle unlimited program (a division of KDP Select), I would be paid less than a half a cent for each page read! This fact, among numerous other reasons, is why my eBooks are available at other online stores and not exclusive to Amazon despite the so-called advantage of the Select program. 

Free Gift Package Dream Interpretation

As I mention earlier, we do have a choice on where to put our works. Recently, I received an email from Vivek Puri of Tabletwise inviting me to put my dream interpretation course on his new subscription learning site. My intuition told me to check it out; therefore, I used his scheduler to set up the time to ask questions about his site. And boy, did I have questions! After speaking to Vivek, I knew this would be an ideal platform for my course.

Here’s the scoop, for just $4.99 a month – you will have access to a ton of online courses about health, personal development, and more! To view my online course, please click How to Interpret Your Dreams. If you prefer to own it forever and ever, it’s available at Teachable, where you will also receive coupons on services.

Subscription Course for Dream Interpretation and more...