21 Days of Dream Interpretation

Understand Your Dreams In 21 Days

Are your dreams baffling?
Would you like to understand what your dreams mean?
Do you want to be able to remember your dreams, yet only recall glimpses?
Perhaps, you find the process of journaling your dreams overwhelming?

Then this 21 day challenge is for you! That begins on February 9, 2020.

You’re About to Invite into Your Life:

What You Will Receive

You get all that to propel you on your lifelong dream interpretation journey for only $21.00!

Weekly Details

First Week

We will focus on increasing your dream recall abilities as it’s impossible to analyze what you can’t recall. Plus what method of recording keeping works best for you and tips on how to encourage you to routinely record your dreams.

Second Week

Discover how to comprehend your unique symbolism, instead of searching for the generic symbols’ meaning in a dream dictionary that are based on a writer’s opinions. In addition, there will be daytime exercises to help strengthen your symbolism muscle.

Third Week

It’s time to venture into the heart of dream interpretation! This is where you will learn a step by step of how to analyze a dream. Once you learn this process, you have tools to assist you for a lifetime.

If you’re wondering if analyzing your dreams are worth it, then check out these seven reasons:

  1. Dreams’ messages assist you to find the answer to who am I.
  2. Environment dreams alert you to what is happening around you while you’re sleeping to protect you from danger.
  3. Information in your dreams can assist you in healing ill health.
  4. Dreams reveal the truth of many situation in your life.
  5. Dreams give solutions to difficulties and problems in your life.
  6. Precognitive dreams give the gift of insight for upcoming future events.
  7. You will recognize whether or not it is an issue to overcome dream or truly was a visit from your departed loved one.

I’ve seen these and many more benefits from interpreting my clients and own dreams. In fact, your dreams of the nighttime are similar to a psychic reading that guide you along the path of life.

Ready to Take the Challenge?

Understand Your Dreams In 21 Days

21 days of Dream Interpretation


Who Your Teacher Is

pamela cummins authorPamela Cummins has been on the self-growth and spirituality path since 1989. Because of her own amazing transformation, she loves to accelerate your personal and spiritual growth. Pamela does this by teaching you how to turn your dream’s nighttime messages into daytime wisdom and helping you to access your inner wisdom. How? With her dream interpretation services, spiritual growth coaching, and teaching classes and workshops. She is the author of six books and the self-improvement oracle deck, Purrs for Humans. Her columns, articles, and blogs are published in numerous magazines and publications.

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Dream Interpretation Challenge

21 Days to learn your dream meanings

Subscription Courses

Subscription Course for Dream Interpretation

To subscribe or not to subscribe that is the question. As a society, we tend to enjoy subscriptions, whether that’s with books, movies, or music. It’s almost like being at a smorgasbord where you can pig out, but with entertainment. Have you ever been hooked on a series that’s on Netflix or a similar on-demand video streaming services, it is one A.M.in the morning on a weeknight, but say to yourself – just one more episode?

Many people love subscriptions for the savings and variety of choices. Who makes the most money from subscription plans? Big companies, for example: Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, and Amazon. These companies often take large cuts from authors, musicians, and others profits; however, some people who use these platforms to submit their works can earn mega amounts of income.

Let’s face it, subscription plans are here to stay as the majority of society is using one or more daily. Fortunately, it’s not mandatory where you have to put your creative works. For instance; I agonizes over words, sentences, and paragraphs for my nonfiction books. If I put these eBooks into the Kindle unlimited program (a division of KDP Select), I would be paid less than a half a cent for each page read! This fact, among numerous other reasons, is why my eBooks are available at other online stores and not exclusive to Amazon despite the so-called advantage of the Select program. 

Free Gift Package Dream Interpretation

As I mention earlier, we do have a choice on where to put our works. Recently, I received an email from Vivek Puri of Tabletwise inviting me to put my dream interpretation course on his new subscription learning site. My intuition told me to check it out; therefore, I used his scheduler to set up the time to ask questions about his site. And boy, did I have questions! After speaking to Vivek, I knew this would be an ideal platform for my course.

Here’s the scoop, for just $4.99 a month – you will have access to a ton of online courses about health, personal development, and more! To view my online course, please click How to Interpret Your Dreams. If you prefer to own it forever and ever, it’s available at Teachable, where you will also receive coupons on services.

Subscription Course for Dream Interpretation and more...

50% Off Dream Book

Learn the Secret Language of Dreams

Receive fifty percent off Learn the Secret Language of Dreams at Smashwords to help you comprehend your dream meanings. It’s on sale until Cyber Monday (11/26/18) by using coupon code CE87M. After purchasing the book, read it online, download the epub file onto your phone or tablet, or download the mobi file to your Kindle. If you’re confused on how to download the book, please click to read and follow these easy instructions.

Personal and Spiritual Growth Education

Here’s your invitation for a new Facebook group to assist you to grow to your highest potential! What does this have to do with dream interpretation? Your messages of the nighttime are there to guide you on your path in life, whether that’s with personal issues, love life, career, or whatever else you need to learn. Discover more about this by reading Expand Your Personal Growth with Dream Interpretation.

Dream Interpretation Audio Course

Dream Interpretation Audio Class with Pamela Cummins

Would you like to be able to understand the meanings of your dreams? Perhaps you desire to interpret other people’s dreams? Do I have a course for you! 

This two-part audio course is taken from my decades of researching, studying, and analyzing dreams of the nighttime. Be prepared to go beyond looking up a symbol for a generic meaning in a dream app or dictionary! Instead, you will learn the benefits of dream interpretation, how to remember your dreams, discover ways to understand your unique symbolism, and so much more… 

If you don’t enjoy an audio class format, don’t worry as I also offer video courses. To learn more or purchase the course, please click online courses.