Dreaming of a Deceased Pet

When a pet dies it’s always painful, whether the pet is a cat, dog, bird, hamster, snake… It’s not uncommon dreaming of a deceased pet, but is it a visitation or another dream category? I’ve written about this topic for departed fathers and mothers; however, there are people who feel pets aren’t as important as people and/or have no soul. Yet, death affects everyone differently and who are we to judge someone’s grief, whether it’s a human or pet? Dreams about our pets help ease our pain.

Precognitive Dream of an Unwanted Kitten

unwanted kitten precognitive dream

For those of you who don’t know what a precognitive dream is, it’s when you have a dream about an upcoming future event. The actual dream rarely plays out the exact same way the incident occurs; often your dream will have weird symbolism and altered actions. In some precognitive dreams, you will experience a knowing this will take place. Other times, you won’t recognize that the dream was a prediction of future event until the situation unfolds. 

Do Cats Have Dreams While Sleeping?

Do Cats Have Dreams While Sleeping

Cat Sleeping in Odd PositionAre your cats always sleeping? This really is no surprise as cats love to sleep anywhere from 16 to 18 hours a day. But do cats dream? When I watch my cats, Merlin (white cat) and Rhiannon (black cat), sleep in their normal or odd body positions, there are times they twitch or move their head, whiskers, paws, or legs. Sometimes, they make sounds in their sleep. My gut tells me they’re dreaming. For this post, I decided to research the internet on this topic.