21 Days of Dream Interpretation

Understand Your Dreams In 21 Days

Are your dreams baffling?
Would you like to understand what your dreams mean?
Do you want to be able to remember your dreams, yet only recall glimpses?
Perhaps, you find the process of journaling your dreams overwhelming?

Then this 21 day challenge is for you! That begins on February 9, 2020.

You’re About to Invite into Your Life:

What You Will Receive

You get all that to propel you on your lifelong dream interpretation journey for only $21.00!

Weekly Details

First Week

We will focus on increasing your dream recall abilities as it’s impossible to analyze what you can’t recall. Plus what method of recording keeping works best for you and tips on how to encourage you to routinely record your dreams.

Second Week

Discover how to comprehend your unique symbolism, instead of searching for the generic symbols’ meaning in a dream dictionary that are based on a writer’s opinions. In addition, there will be daytime exercises to help strengthen your symbolism muscle.

Third Week

It’s time to venture into the heart of dream interpretation! This is where you will learn a step by step of how to analyze a dream. Once you learn this process, you have tools to assist you for a lifetime.

If you’re wondering if analyzing your dreams are worth it, then check out these seven reasons:

  1. Dreams’ messages assist you to find the answer to who am I.
  2. Environment dreams alert you to what is happening around you while you’re sleeping to protect you from danger.
  3. Information in your dreams can assist you in healing ill health.
  4. Dreams reveal the truth of many situation in your life.
  5. Dreams give solutions to difficulties and problems in your life.
  6. Precognitive dreams give the gift of insight for upcoming future events.
  7. You will recognize whether or not it is an issue to overcome dream or truly was a visit from your departed loved one.

I’ve seen these and many more benefits from interpreting my clients and own dreams. In fact, your dreams of the nighttime are similar to a psychic reading that guide you along the path of life.

Ready to Take the Challenge?

Understand Your Dreams In 21 Days

21 days of Dream Interpretation


Who Your Teacher Is

pamela cummins authorPamela Cummins has been on the self-growth and spirituality path since 1989. Because of her own amazing transformation, she loves to accelerate your personal and spiritual growth. Pamela does this by teaching you how to turn your dream’s nighttime messages into daytime wisdom and helping you to access your inner wisdom. How? With her dream interpretation services, spiritual growth coaching, and teaching classes and workshops. She is the author of six books and the self-improvement oracle deck, Purrs for Humans. Her columns, articles, and blogs are published in numerous magazines and publications.

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Dream Interpretation Challenge

21 Days to learn your dream meanings

Dream Interpretation Goals for 2020

So many people state resolutions on New Year’s Eve that seem to dissolve within the first month. This is why it’s important to create goals instead. Are you ready to work on dream interpretation goals for 2020? If you’re not sure if you should bother analyzing your dreams, then check out the blog post “12 Benefits of Dream Interpretation.

Dream Meanings for Trees

Trees Dream Meanings

Trees, trees are everywhere and populate the majority of land on Earth. In fact, we humans would have trouble surviving without trees! Therefore, it’s not surprising why people wonder what the dream meanings of trees are. As with all dream symbols, there isn’t a set answer; however, in this blog, I will go over the generic tree symbolism, and two other factors to consider to assist you with interpreting your tree dreams.

3 Interpretations for a Work Dream

Work Dream Interpretations

Did you know that one dream can have more than one interpretation, just like a symbol? Which is why I’m using 3 interpretations for a work dream to showcase this point; however, there could be more possible interpretations, especially when you allow time to reveal even more. Sometimes when interpreting a client’s dream, I will receive a gut feeling for one main meaning. Although, often intuitively I know two or three different interpretations are accurate for a client’s in-depth email dream interpretation.

Understanding Pregnancy Dream Meanings

pregnant dream meanings

Sheila feels alarmed upon awaking from a dream that she’s pregnant! Does this mean that Sheila is going to have a baby? Not necessarily, as pregnancy dream meanings have many possible interpretations depending on the dreamer’s feelings, life experience, and present/future circumstances. Dreaming of being pregnant can even happen to men, whether it’s them or their partner. 

Drinking and Drugging Dreams

Dreams of Drinking and Drugging

What does it mean if you’re having a dream about drinking alcohol? Does using drugs in a dream mean that you have an addiction? Dream symbols are unique to each dreamer depending on their past/present experiences and problems. Therefore, drinking and drugging dreams can have hundreds of meanings. For example, a teetotaler dream will have a completely different message than someone who drinks and uses drugs daily. 

DIY Dream Interpretation and Tarot

Do It Yourself Dream Interpretation and Tarot

Since I’m in the process of creating an oracle deck for dream interpretation, I’ve been checking out different oracle and tarot decks. I came across an article on Cosmopolitan about best tarot decks, where the columnist states to cancel your tarot deck reading and do it yourself. Hmm, I thought, this could also apply to DIY dream interpretation. However, there’s truth and untruth to DIY; hence, the reason I wrote this blog post.

My Dad’s Dream

The following blog post, My Dad’s Dream is from Julie Saillant, who had me as a guest on her podcast. During the interview the subject of dreams of the deceased popped up and Julie mentioned her father’s experience with dreaming regarding his wife. What a fascinating story! And I’m very grateful that she shared it with us as some of you may relate to it. Here’s Julie’s narrative: