Dream Interpretation Goals for 2021

Dream Interpretation Goals for 2021

Are you ready to have dream interpretation goals for 2021? Many people land on this blog to discover what their dreams meant because they can be so baffling, yet fascinating at the same time. Which is why I encourage people to understand the secret language of their unique dreams. Perhaps you are wondering why you should bother analyzing your dreams?

New Free eBook About Dream Journals

Free eBook on Dream Journals

There’s nothing worse than having a remarkable dream and forgetting most of it within minutes upon awakening! This is why you need to record them as soon as possible. Because I specialize in dream interpretation I often hear: I know I should write down my dreams, I don’t like writing, how do I journal my dreams, or why should I go through all that hassle?

All those above comments, questions, plus the tons of views I have received on my blogs about journaling your dreams, inspired me to write a fast how to eBook. Here’s the eBook’s blurb:

Have you ever told yourself upon awakening that you will remember the dream you just had, but forgot large chunks of it within minutes? This is why it’s imperative to record your dreams. Yet, what journal style would work best for you?

Expert dream interpreter, Pamela Cummins, has your answer and more. In Got Dreams? Discover Your Ideal Dream Journal, you will learn: nine different types of dream journals, the benefits of journaling your dreams, how dream interpretation will empower your life, and a glimpse into understanding your dream meanings.

Got Dreams Pamela Cummins author

You can easily download the free eBook on your smart phone or tablet at Apple Books (iBooks) or Google Play. It’s also available at Kobo and Barnes and Nobles. At Smashwords you can read it online or download the mobi file to your Kindle. If you live outside of the United States, please click here to find your eBook store.

Hopefully, this eBook will assist you finding your ideal dream journal, while motivating you to record them. Please let others know about this free eBook. Sweet dreams!

For further assistance, please check out my online courses and dream interpretation services.


How to Journal Your Dreams

How to Journal your dreams

This six and a half minute podcast is based on the blogs The Importance of a Dream Journal and What’s the Perfect Dream Journal for You? Listen to the podcast to discover seven valid points on the importance journaling your dreams. Plus, I will go over six different styles of journals to use, besides pen and paper to assist you with discovering your perfect journal.

What’s the Perfect Dream Journal for You?

Dream Journal

There were few choices of dream journals to choose from back in the early nineties when I began journaling my dreams, which was either handwritten in a book journal or recorded on a magnetic tape recorder machine. These days, you are lucky to have a multitude of choices. If you desire to know why you should even bother to record your dreams, please read The Importance of a Dream Journal.