What’s the Perfect Dream Journal for You?

Dream Journal

There were few choices of dream journals to choose from back in the early nineties when I began journaling my dreams, which was either handwritten in a book journal or recorded on a magnetic tape recorder machine. These days, you are lucky to have a multitude of choices. If you desire to know why you should even bother to record your dreams, please read The Importance of a Dream Journal.

The Importance of a Dream Journal

The Importance of a Dream Journal

The Importance of a Dream JournalHave you awakened from an amazing dream, thought you would remember it, then later couldn’t recall it or only remembered bits and pieces? This happens to all human beings, which is why it’s imperative to document them upon awakening. People have different preferences on how to record their dreams, such as:

  • Speaking into a voice recording device.
  • Clicking a dream journal app on their smart phone.
  • Using a laptop.
  • Sketching their dream into a notebook.
  • Writing longhand with a pen in a fancy journal.