Many Feelings Create Different Dream Meanings

The below four and half minute video demonstrates how many feelings create different dream meanings. Our feelings also affect a dream symbol’s message. I get this point across with the cat symbol inside a simple dream example, while using the emotions: fear, anger, sadness, and happiness.

Poop Dream Meanings

We all got to go; hence, defecating will appear in our dreams. Even if it’s a natural part of life, there are some people who will feel uncomfortable about this post. However, dreams about poop are very common. The following quote from my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams sums it up nicely:

Feeling Emotions in Dreams

Feeling Emotions in Dreams

Do you wonder why your emotions are so intense during a dream? Is what you’re feeling real or an illusion? Or are these repressed emotions that you refused to deal with during the day? Read on to discover why it’s important to feel emotions in our dreams.

Emotions in Dreams, Aids in Dream Interpretation

Emotions in Dreams Aid Dream Interpretation

Whenever I write a blog on a specific symbol, I always remind my readers of how important your emotions are in a dream. Your feelings are key to understanding the true message, which is why I always ask my clients what their emotions in their dream were. 

Let’s play around with my theory by using the following three examples:

Are Dream Dictionaries’ Interpretations Right or Wrong?

Dream Dictionaries Pros and Cons

During the writing of my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams a psychic friend automatically assumed it would be a dream dictionary, which it isn’t. Another time, I was a guest on a radio show mentioning how dream dictionaries are too generic for the correct symbolism while giving alternatives on how to interpret your dreams. When I finished speaking the host said, “I always used the dream app on my phone to find the meaning of my dreams.” Ah, duh, dream apps and dream dictionaries are the same thing. Yet, are dream dictionaries interpretations right or wrong?