Your Day Can Affect Dreams

Your Day Can Affect Dreams

Are you wondering how your day can affect dreams? Dreams are similar to computers, where they process information, give insights, and solve problems. But daily living doesn’t affect computers like humans. Therefore, if you had a bad day, you could have nightmares. When you have a good day, your dreams might be pleasant.

Environment Dreams

Environment Dreams

Did you know that while you’re dreaming what is occurring in your surrounding area can affect your dreams? How about your inner bodily function, can they alter your dreams? Yes to both questions. Even when you’re sleeping it’s important to be aware of what’s happening in your environment. Why? Because these dreams alert us to danger or issues within our bodies. Let’s examine each of these types of environment dreams.

Interpret Your Dreams, Change Your Life

Interpret Your Dreams Masterclass

In this free Masterclass you will learn how dream interpretation benefits your life, why dream dictionaries rarely have the correct interpretation of your symbols, and what dream categories contribute to analyzing your dreams. 

Can Vitamins Affect Your Dreams?

Vitamins Affect Your Dreams

Does taking vitamins alter your dreams? My Father and I often send one another articles of interest, and the most recent article he sent me was about how vitamin B6 assists people to remember their dreams. Hmm, interesting, I thought as wonder if this could actually work?

Why am I Dreaming of Websites?

Why Am I Dreaming of Websites

We often have dreams of what is occurring in our lives; whether this is an environment dream or a solution dream. This why I was dreaming of websites earlier this year when I was choosing whether to use a website builder or self-host WordPress, and while I designed this website you are currently on.

In The DreamTime – Environment Dreams Protect Us from Harm

In the Dreamtime

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In this month’s column, you will learn how environment dreams are there for our protection, whether it’s from binge watching a TV show or real danger.


Over the weekend I binged on Law and Order SVU on Netflix. Sunday night I had a dream where I was with Oliva interviewing people, then we were in a shootout. Did I have this dream because I was watching too much SVU?

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