Review for the Journaling Power Book

Review for the Journaling Power Book

What an honor for me to do a review for the Journaling Power book by Mari L. McCarthy of I meet Mari through a nonfiction authors’ group on Facebook and it was an instant connection. In fact, in 2020 I wrote the guest post “Journaling Dreams for Personal Growth” for her website. When I was asked to participate in the Wow! Women on Writing Tours for Mari’s book, I instantly knew it was the right fit.

Spiritual Holiday Gifts

If you’re stuck on what to give a loved one, then check out these spiritual holiday gifts ideas. The following gifts will help you with your creativity, spiritual growth, and of course dreams. I would suggest ordering early since the pandemic will jam up and slow down shipping from the post office, UPS, FedEx, and other shipping sources.

Telepathic Deceased Dream Visitation

Telepathic Deceased Dream Visitation

Dear Readers, I knew you would just love Renata Maniaci telepathic deceased dream visitation from her friend, Wil. Why? Because it’s amazing how many visits a day this site receives for the blog category on dreams of the deceased. Millions of people are receiving visits from their loved ones who have crossed and occasionally the communication is done telepathically.

Books Inspired By Her Dreams

M. Marian Dreams Lead to Books

Anyone who knows me is aware of how much I love to read, especially fiction. When searching for yet another eBook to read on Smashwords, I discovered Mary Marinan, writing as M. Marinan there. Her series Across Time & Space seemed interesting; therefore, I decided to download the first eBook The Eternity Stone (that is free) and give it a try. After a few chapters, I knew that Mary was a very gifted writer, so I stopped reading and purchased the entire series. Upon finishing the series, I then bought every eBook she ever wrote; yes, her books are that awesome!

My Dad’s Dream

The following blog post, My Dad’s Dream is from Julie Saillant, who had me as a guest on her podcast. During the interview the subject of dreams of the deceased popped up and Julie mentioned her father’s experience with dreaming regarding his wife. What a fascinating story! And I’m very grateful that she shared it with us as some of you may relate to it. Here’s Julie’s narrative: 

Thirty Dream Facts

30 Dream Facts

Have you noticed that my blogs about dream interpretation and my methods of analyzing dreams tend to be done in an intuitive/metaphysical style? Hey, what can I say, I’m psychic! Which is why I thought my audience may enjoy Rachael of Pillow Picker’s blog about dreams that is backed up by science. 

Dream Interpretation Interview with Dr. Steven Fox

Dreams Guide to the Soul

I’m overjoyed to have Dr. Steven Fox, author of Dreams: Guide To The Soul, 40 Ancient Secret Keys to Healing, Renewal, and Power on my blog today. Let’s start the interview.

Pamela: Thank you so much for being a guest on my blog, Dr. Fox. Could you please tell us when and why you began interpreting dreams?

Guest Blog Post: “Cat Communicating Medical Aliment in a Dream,” in the exact words of Pamela Cummins — Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

Merlin with Pamela Cummins

Lots of us wonder about our dreams. Here Pamela Cummins, author of “The Secret Language of Dreams,” (available on her site) explains how our pets can communicate to us when we’re sleeping… Everyone knows that I am a Crazy Cat Lady with two spoiled cats, Merlin and Rhiannon. One morning I was wondering why one […]

via Guest Blog Post: “Cat Communicating Medical Aliment in a Dream,” in the exact words of Pamela Cummins — Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

Mountain Dream Symbol

Mountain Dream Symbol

A big thank you to Katherien Lundin for her contribution of her third guest post. This time it’s about the mountain dream symbol Enjoy!

In dreamtime we all go to many places and some of these places can evoke a myriad of feelings that we may or not be feeling during present day waking moments.