How a Dream Inspired a Book Series

Interpreting a Dream Inspired a Book

What an honor to have Chariss K. Walker as a guest! She has written a ton of books on various topics. If you are thinking about writing a book or are an author this post will interest you. I found her dream so fascinating that led her to do an intense meditation, which inspired her to write the first book of the series. Read on to learn more…

Infographic for Sleep and Dream Interpretation

Pamela Dream Interpreter

A big thank you to my guest, Dromma, for the following infographic for sleep and dream symbols. Please click to read their blog post from where this infographic originated from. And don’t forget to check out their comfortable beds. For further help with interpreting your dreams, please visit dream interpretation services.

Dream Messages from My Teeth

Dream Messages from My Teeth.png

I am pleased that Katherien Lundin has written another guest blog. Her personal experience demonstrates how precognitive dreams are very symbolic, while illustrating how this dream helped to prepare her for an upcoming challenge. Also, her dream shows how one symbol’s meaning can be affected by other symbols in our dreams. Some people think that all they have to do is go to a dream dictionary to have the answers to their dreams meaning; however, it is so much more than that, as you will see in Katherien’s post “Dream Messages from My Teeth.”

Katherien Ludin 

My family has always had a strong belief in the power of dreams for upcoming omens and predictions for significant future events. Many dream interpretations and meanings have been passed from one generation to the next. Dreams do validate intuition and do open the pathways for communication with the other side.