What Is the Dream Meaning of Cars?

Car symbol in dreams

Cars are everywhere and an important part of our lives; therefore, it’s not surprising we dream of them. Yet, what does it mean when we dream of cars? The three main symbols of cars are as follows: 

Types of Nightmares and Their Lessons Podcast

Types of Nightmares and Their Lessons Podcast

Have you ever awoken from a nightmare with a sense of relief that it was only a dream? Are you able to see the benefit within your nightmare? If you cannot find the gift, this podcast is a must listen.

By listening to this four minute podcast, you will discover seven different categories of nightmares, why you are having this type of dream, and five methods to lessen the nightmare’s effect.

Nightmare Quotes

Nightmare Quotes

Are you wondering why I would do a blog on nightmare quotes? Perhaps you would prefer that nightmares didn’t exist? They occur to alert us to what we are repressing or fearful of; to learn more about why we have bad dreams, please read the blog Nightmares are a Gift. Below you will find twelve quotes including two from my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams.

Nightmares Are a Gift

Nightmares are a Gift

The echoes of your feet pounding on the sidewalks are ringing in your ears, your heart feels like it’s about to explode, and it’s difficult to breathe. A quick turn of the head to observe that Mr. Psycho with the knife is still there as you run into the building filled with policemen. Oh, no! Where did all the people go? A sharp blade is against your throat. How did the lunatic get behind me?

Terrified, you’ve awakened in bed. Whew, what a nightmare! A part of you are relieved; although your body is still shaking. Was it just a nightmare? What could it mean?