From Here to There Radio with Dyan Garris

From Here to There Radio with Dyan Garris

What an honor it was being a guest on Dyan Garris’ radio show, who is a gifted musician, author, voice recognition psychic, and more. To learn more about her, please visit

Here’s a brief synopsis of the show – discover how dream interpretation assists your growth to move you forward on your self-growth and spiritual path. How learning the secret language of dreams will help you discover who you truly are in the past, present, and future. 

Guest on the Unlocking Your Truth

Pamela Cummins On Unlocking Your Truth

What a thrill it was to be a guest on the Unlocking Your Truth with Dr. Lesley Phillips! Where we discussed such questions as – Do you think knowing how to interpret dreams can be important in your waking life? Does learning how to interpret our dreams increase our intuition and/or psychic abilities? To discover these answers and much more, please visit

Radio Show Interview on Dream Interpretation

What an honor it was to be a guest on the Spiritual Illumination radio show! Katherien Lundin and I had a blast talking about the topics of dream interpretation, dream symbols, dream categories, as well as touching on a few other spiritual topics. This radio show has been made into the below YouTube video, enjoy!

Radio Show on Dream Interpretation and Relationship Goals

Pamela Cummins Dream Interpreter on Radio Show

What a blast Gina and I had while discussing dreams and love during the Fox Den radio show! The first hour was focused on dream interpretation, while the second hour was all about ways to manifest healthy relationships. Enjoy the show on dream interpretation and relationship goals!

Dream Interpretation on the Spiritual Insights Show

Dream Interpretation Show

What a blast Tiffany and I had during the show! You will learn how to remember your dreams, whether or not you can trust dream dictionary interpretations, dream journals, what your dreams mean, and more from the August 7th, 2017 Spiritual Insight Show hosted by Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman.

Below you will find the YouTube video taken from the Facebook Live recording. A word of warning regarding the video, the sound got delayed, which reminds me of the karate movies from the 60’s and 70’s that were dubbed in English. If you prefer to just listen to the show please click iHeartRadio. 

Dreaming of the Dead

Deceased Dreams

A Dream or Visit from a Deceased Loved One; How to Tell the Difference

The following Facebook Live video gives nine key points to know if your dream was an actual visit from a loved one who had died. You will also learn the eight ways to recognize a non-visitation dream of your deceased loved one. Also include are how the dead get in touch with us during our waking hours.


FREE Presentation on Dreaming about Deceased Loved Ones

Dreams about the Deceased

Have you ever awakened confused because you were dreaming of someone who died? It felt so real, was it? Discover ways to know if the dream was a visit from your departed loved one or just a regular old dream. This Sunday, May 21st, 2017 at 12:00 pm Eastern on Facebook live with Virtual Psychic Fair’s guest, Pamela Cummins.

Virtual Psychic Fair


Attend a psychic fair in your jammies this Saturday and Sunday at the Virtual Psychic Fair. 

6 Keys to Your Secret Dream Universe

How to Interpret the Wisdom of Your Dreams

How to Interpret the Wisdom of Your Dreams – LIVE PRESENTATION. Sunday, April 23, 12 PM Eastern

If you’re using a dream dictionary or an app to interpret a symbol in your dreams, you are losing vital information on what your dreams are really about. Dreams are guidance from a higher source to enrich all areas of your life. Pamela Cummins will teach you the six keys to use to help you understand your dreams true meanings to enhance your spiritual growth.

For more information visit the Virtual Psychic Fair or watch it live on Sunday on Facebook.

Guest on Angel Messenger

Angel Messenger Dream

What an honor it was to write a guest article for the popular website Angel Messenger! This post explains how dreams helped me create a fabulous life by using them to guide me during my waking hours. It also explains how I used solution dreams to aid me in all areas, including my love life. Click to read the article.