Dream Meanings for Boundary Setting

dream meanings for boundary setting

The idea to do a blog about dream meanings for boundary setting came from a recent post I did on LinkedIn. A connection commented how she never thought making boundaries would appear in a dream. However, our daytime actions may trigger nighttime dreams, while giving solution steps to take. Here’s the quote from my first book, Psychic Wisdom on Love and Relationships.

Spiritual Chapter Dreams

Spiritual Chapter Dreams

It’s been on my list to write a blog about spiritual chapter dreams, which is a subcategory within the spiritual dreams category. Recently, I interpreted a dream for a client that was a perfect example for spiritual chapter dreams! She was kind enough to allow me to use her dream for this blog in the hopes that it may help someone.

In case, you have no idea of what I mean by spiritual dreams, here’s a section from my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams for a clearer definition:

Understanding Pregnancy Dream Meanings

pregnant dream meanings

Sheila feels alarmed upon awaking from a dream that she’s pregnant! Does this mean that Sheila is going to have a baby? Not necessarily, as pregnancy dream meanings have many possible interpretations depending on the dreamer’s feelings, life experience, and present/future circumstances. Dreaming of being pregnant can even happen to men, whether it’s them or their partner. 

Grow with Spiritual Dreams

Spiritual Dreams

This blog was taken from part of a free class that I did on Learn It Live. What’s not included in this post is the examples I used to provide more details on each of the three dream category, four vital facts of how dreams increases your spiritual/personal growth and the three A’s. To watch the thirty minute class and discover how to grow with spiritual dreams, please click Dream Interpretation Increases Spirituality.

From Here to There Radio with Dyan Garris

From Here to There Radio with Dyan Garris

What an honor it was being a guest on Dyan Garris’ radio show, who is a gifted musician, author, voice recognition psychic, and more. To learn more about her, please visit https://www.dyangarris.com/

Here’s a brief synopsis of the show – discover how dream interpretation assists your growth to move you forward on your self-growth and spiritual path. How learning the secret language of dreams will help you discover who you truly are in the past, present, and future. 

Pamela Cummins’ New Website

Pamela Cummins website

I’m thrilled to announce my third website https://www.pamelacummins.com/! This website is dedicated to your personal and spiritual growth. Are you wondering what that has to do with dream interpretation? Our dreams send us messages to assist our evolution during our lifetime, to learn more about this subject, please read Expand Your Personal Growth with Dream Interpretation. 

Feeling Emotions in Dreams

Feeling Emotions in Dreams

Do you wonder why your emotions are so intense during a dream? Is what you’re feeling real or an illusion? Or are these repressed emotions that you refused to deal with during the day? Read on to discover why it’s important to feel emotions in our dreams.

Using Yoga to Interpret Your Dreams

Using Yoga to Interpret Your Dreams

Are you baffled by a dream’s meaning? Do you enjoy practicing yoga? Use yoga to interpret dreams by combined them both in a unique way to do dream interpretation. Please do this method at home.

Here’s how to do a yoga interpreting dream session: 

Use Meditation to Interpret Your Dreams

Meditation for Dream Interpretation

Let’s face it dream interpretation can be difficult at times, especially for beginners. Even seasoned dream interpreters, myself included, may find a dream baffling. When you add in your denial about how you’re feeling or a situation in your life, then it’s impossible for you to understand your true dream meanings.

This is where meditation could help, for you have more waking awareness during meditation than when you’re dreaming. You decide which of the two meditation style to use, whether you choose to keep your mind blank or use visualization. Let’s investigate these two styles.