Quotes for Journaling Dreams

quotes for journaling dreams

During my research for this post on quotes for journaling dreams, I noticed that these were fitting for both your nighttime and daytime dreams. The first two are from my free eBook Got Dreams? Discover Your Ideal Dream Journal that is exclusively for recording your dreams of the nighttime. While the eight other quotes are fitting for all journal style: goals, diary, gratitude, travel, visions of the future…

Dream Quotes for the Daytime and Nighttime

Dream Quotes for the Daytime and Nighttime

This post on dream quotes for the daytime and nighttime idea occurred to me because of a quote I posted on LinkedIn. One woman made a comment about her daytime goals, while a depth psychologist remarked about our dreams of the nighttime. The word dream is a powerful word relating to both, hence why a quote can be used for both. The first quote was the one I used in LinkedIn.

Reflections on Dream Interpretation Quotes

Reflections on Dream Interpretation Quotes

If you search the word quotes on the internet, you will find thousands upon thousands of quotes as people just love them. These nuggets of wisdom inspire our minds to ponder. Which is why I decided to do a blog about my reflections on dream interpretation quotes, where I give feedback on some of my favorite dream quotes.

Precognitive Dream Quotes

Quotes about premonition dreams

Quotes are wisdom stuffed into one or a few sentences that many people love, as do I. So far I’ve done blogs about dream interpretation quotes, nightmare quotes, and Carl Jung quotes, which you can find under the quote category for this blog. However, quotes about precognitive dreams (dreams about the future) seem to be sparse on the internet. I found four quotes that showcased premonition dreams in a positive manner and the last two are from my book, Learn the Secret Language of Dreams. Here are the six quotes:

Carl Jung Dream Interpretation Quotes

Quotes on dream interpretation by Carl Jung.

Do you enjoy quotes? To me, quotes are little bits of wisdom that are meant to be shared, which is why I did a blog on 10 Dream Interpretation Quotes, another blog on Nightmare Quotes, and recently recorded a podcast on using Self-Love Quotes to Manifest Healthy Love. Now, it’s time for dream interpretation quotes from the granddaddy of dream analysis – Carl Jung. 

To learn more about this famous dream interpreter, click on the Carl Jung Wikipedia page. Here are five Carl Jung dream interpretation quotes that are my favorite:

Nightmare Quotes

Nightmare Quotes

Are you wondering why I would do a blog on nightmare quotes? Perhaps you would prefer that nightmares didn’t exist? They occur to alert us to what we are repressing or fearful of; to learn more about why we have bad dreams, please read the blog Nightmares are a Gift. Below you will find twelve quotes including two from my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams.

10 Dream Interpretation Quotes

Dream Interpretation Quotes

Whatever your feelings are about quotes, the majority of human beings loves them. This is why there are so many quote websites, plus people are constantly posting them on social media. You can find quotes on every topic, including dream interpretation. Here are my favorite 10 dream interpretation quotes including three of my own. Enjoy!