Get Answers in Your Dreams and Waking Life

Get Answers in Your Dreams and Waking Life

Every night, your dreams are sending you messages while you sleep. What are these messages about? They can be about: denied emotions, future events, visitations from your departed loved ones, and guidance. Many times your dreams are similar to a Guru’s advice on how to solve problems and life direction.

Solve Business or Career Problems with Dream Interpretation

Solution Dreams for Solving Business or Career Problems

Would you like guidance on your problems? Solution dreams offers direction for many aspects of your life, including career and business. They can help you with whether or not to: accept the job offer, leave your current position, ask for a promotion, start a business, add a partner in your business, hire an employee, fire a client, and much more…

Hurricane Dream Guidance ~ Precognitive Dreams

Hurricane Dream Guidance

Last Monday, September 10, 2018, we were informed that Hurricane Florence’s eye is in direct line of where I live – Jacksonville, North Carolina. My spirit guides kept telling me over and over, “Safe.” This is the dream I had Tuesday morning:

Receiving Messages During the Time Between Being Asleep and Awake

Receiving Messages During the Time between Being Asleep and Awake

This blog post isn’t on the exact topic of dream interpretation, but on that weird state when you’re not awake, yet not asleep either. However, I feel it’s important to do a blog on receiving messages during the time between being asleep and awake. Back in the early nineties when I was studying hypnotherapy, my instructor mentioned how similar the feeling of being in-between sleeping and awakening is to the hypnotic state. In both cases you’re aware of your surroundings, are in a state of mind that is easier to accept suggestions; nonetheless, you clearly know what your values are and have the capacity to say no to anything harmful or bad behavior.

Warning Dreams of Who’s NOT Your Soul Mate

Warning Dreams of Who is NOT Your Soul Mate

Our dreams of the nighttime give guidance in all areas of life, including our love life since it’s an important factor in our life. The majority of humans have an innate desire for a special love; some people make wise choices in a partner, while others make unwise choices in love. Dreams will give us guidance on whether or not a person is truly the right one through a variety of ways to help us interpret them. In this blog, I will give you two examples of dreams that illustrated the wrong one.

Why am I Dreaming of Websites?

Why Am I Dreaming of Websites

We often have dreams of what is occurring in our lives; whether this is an environment dream or a solution dream. This happened to me earlier this year when I was choosing whether to use a website builder or self-host WordPress, and while I designed this website you are currently on. 

How Interpreting Dreams Transformed My Life

Interpreting Dreams Transformed My Life

Do you think your dreams are meaningless nonsense? Or do you have no idea what your dreams mean? Back in 1990, I thought my dreams were crazy without any understanding about their meaning. This changed when I started working with a therapist to aid me with my vivid dreams that eventually healed issues from my childhood. Working with my dreams have completely manifested a life filled with more self-esteem, spirituality, plus knowing who I am. The following are three ways my dreams have transformed my life.

Dreams of Cleaning

Dreams of Cleaning

Cleaning in a dream usually is symbolic of purging whatever is no longer needed; yet, it is also means that you are purifying something in your life. Scenes from a cleansing dream could be in the home, car, work, in the shower, and so forth. Here are three dream examples to help illustrate dreams of cleaning, two of them are mine.

Got Problems? Solution Dreams to the Rescue

Dreams Solving Problems

Unresolved issues can create havoc in your life, yet getting an answer for your predicament during your waking life could prove to be impossible. At times, we, humans, focus on the problem causing us to become overwhelmed; therefore, any ideas towards resolutions are blocked.

Throughout history, people have been using their dreams to find answers to their dilemmas. Some of these famous people were Albert Einstein, Elias Howe, and Joseph was freed from slavery by the Egyptian Pharaoh to become a high-ranking advisor. A Canadian surgeon, Frederick Banting’s, mother died from diabetes, which inspired him to discover a cure. What is interesting is he had a dream where he watched surgery performed on the pancreas of a dog to block any nourishment from entering into the pancreas. This dream prompted him and his medical student, Charles H. Best, to do surgery on a dog’s pancreas and discovered the insulin in the hormones. Doing further experiments lead to using insulin to help cure diabetes. Frederick Banting and John Macleod were awarded a Nobel Prize in 1923. It’s truly amazing how that one dream led to aid an enormous part of the human population. Can you imagine if he never had that dream?