Precognitive Dreams for an Upcoming Death

Precognitive Dreams for an Upcoming Death

Losing a loved one is very painful, which is why precognitive dreams for an upcoming death can help prepare you. In this post, you will learn how to tell if your death dream is truly predicting a death. Then I will use examples of my personal dreams to demonstrate how they warned me of my cat Merlin’s death.

But first I would like to point out that is common for people to have dreams of their deceased loved ones after they pass. This is why my blog posts in the category dreams of the deceased receive a ton of visits every day. I recently read that precognitive dreams for an upcoming death rarely happen. Which makes me shake my head as I had predicted death dreams for my mother and two cats, Midnite and Merlin. If I can have these dreams, I know others have them, too.

Fart Dream Symbols and Meanings

Fart Dream Symbols and Meanings

The idea of doing a blog on fart dream symbols and meanings was inspired by a dream I recently had. Which I will reveal and interpret later in this post. Passing gas in a dream can have many messages depending on the dreamer’s feelings, actions, and who is in the dream. Each dreamer has their own unique history and lessons that cause numerous possible meanings for their dream analysis.

One Dream Has Many Meanings

One Dreams Many Meanings

Some people don’t realize how one dream has many meanings, instead they think there’s only one dream message. Another thing society does is try to look at a dream with a daytime view, giggle. If only interpreting dreams were that simple.

Recently, I was pondering the method to prepare an instruction segment on how to go deeper within a dream and look at it from the different angles. My mind was having a hard time on figuring out a teaching concept for my group Dream Interpretation for Spiritual; therefore, I decided to put it on hold until the next day.

Stop the Recurring Dreams in Three Steps

Stop the Recurring Dreams in Three Steps

You’re reading this because you want to stop the recurring dreams from happening, especially if they’re unpleasant. Your dream may keep repeating exactly in the same manner or have the similar theme occurring in many locations and with different people. In this blog, I will give three steps to stop your recurring dreams and a personal dream example.

Air Element in Dreams

air element in dreams

This may seem strange to you, but I don’t consider the air element in dreams as a symbol. Rather, I think of it as part of the dream scene and/or background. However, it’s a symbol if you’re inhaling air, filling up a balloon, or on the air as in live radio. Whether a dream scene or symbol, air is usually associated with some type of action.

Dream Meanings for Hair

Dream Meanings for Hair

Because of the coronavirus, many people in the United States and around the world are having bad hair days! Which is one of the reasons I’m writing a blog on dream meanings for hair, plus a client gave me permission to use her dream. And I also had a dream regarding my hair – aka mop. The first part of this post will be about possible general meanings. Then I will interpret two dreams, my client’s dream and mine. With a personal account of what’s going on in my life.

Bad School Dream During Coronavirus

Bad School Dream during Coronavirus

There is always a reason for a dream and during this time on the planet many more people are remembering their dreams as we have slowed down in society. Upon awakening, I thought to myself – what a bad school dream I had! During the day, I debated whether or not to share my nightmare since it’s been a while that I did a “What’s Pamela Dreaming” blog. Yet, the purpose of this website is to teach and help people, without further ado…

Dream Inspired a Cloud Nine Moment

Cloudnine Moment in a Dream

What a blast I had with Jordan Gross sharing how my dream inspired a cloud nine moment! We also spoke about other cloud nine moments, whether it’s with food, feelings, or events. Plus activities that help cultivate these moments, while enhancing our personal growth. To listen to just my precognitive dream that occurred before my mother crossed to the other side, please visit Jordan’s article on LinkedIn.

Dream Interpretation Goals for 2020

So many people state resolutions on New Year’s Eve that seem to dissolve within the first month. This is why it’s important to create goals instead. Are you ready to work on dream interpretation goals for 2020? If you’re not sure if you should bother analyzing your dreams, then check out the blog post “12 Benefits of Dream Interpretation.

3 Interpretations for a Work Dream

Work Dream Interpretations

Did you know that one dream can have more than one interpretation, just like a symbol? Which is why I’m using 3 interpretations for a work dream to showcase this point; however, there could be more possible interpretations, especially when you allow time to reveal even more. Sometimes when interpreting a client’s dream, I will receive a gut feeling for one main meaning. Although, often intuitively I know two or three different interpretations are accurate for a client’s in-depth email dream interpretation.