Please READ the Following BEFORE Using the Contact Form

  • If you are interested in having me as an expert dream interpreter guest, please include a link to the website and what information you need from me.
  • To write a guest post about dream interpretation for my blog – you MUST be an expert in a field similar to mine and have a website or links to your published articles/blogs for me to even consider you.

I won’t respond to the following Don’ts:

  • Do NOT send me your dream. You must first PAY for my expertise and time if you want to know what your dream means (dream interpretation). Please go to the dream interpretation service page to select one of my services.
  • DON’T try to sell me anything. I buy from those I already know, like, and trust.
  • I do NOT allow nor accept money for other’s links or ads on this website.

Thank you for your understanding that I am respecting yours and mine’s time by stating the above.

Dream Interpretation Quote from Erich Fromm



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