• Do you live in a different time zone than Pamela, which makes it difficult to schedule a phone appointment?
  • Are you busy and don’t have time to talk on the phone, Skype, or Zoom?
  • Would you prefer reading the written words of your dream analysis, instead of hearing them?  

Pamela Cummins understands that her clients have the above situations in their lives, may be shy, or have difficulty speaking on the phone, Zoom or Skype. That is why she provides dream analysis by email with a choice of basic or in-depth interpretation.to make your life easier. She even offers a monthly dream interpretation email subscription program to save her clients money! Please click on the previous links or scroll down to find your desired email service.

A dream is thousands of puzzle pieces that need piecing together.  

Pamela has been interpreting dreams since 1991 and her analysis style is done with a spiritual twist. She prefers to do a thorough interpretation of your dream; however, she realizes this is not for everyone. So, you have three choices of what type of dream analysis email to purchase as follows:

Basic Dream Interpretation Email

Pamela will interpret your dream to help you understand the dream’s messages. If possible, mention the emotion or emotions you felt during your dream to assist with a clearer analysis. Also included in this interpretation is how to apply your dream’s wisdom to your waking life.

This dream interpretation email service can be used for short dreams (about two hundred words) and you will receive two possible interpretations. Or it is perfect for those of you with a longer dream (over two hundred words) who are NOT interested in an in-depth analysis (see below) of their dream. If you just want to know what your dream means, and DO NOT want intense details of what each symbol means, dream categories, nor other possible dream messages in each dream scene, or psychic messages from Pamela’s Angels and guides.

What You Will Receive

Your dream analysis email will be four or more paragraphs. This will help you to understand your dream meanings and how to integrate this information into your life.

Basic Dream Interpretation Email

General overview of your dream meanings.


In-Depth Dream Interpretation Email

If you wish for as much information as possible, then the following is for you.

For this service, please give as much detail about your dream as possible, even if one part of the dream seems insufficient. Your feelings, thoughts, and five senses also are key to helping an analysis of your dream. If you feel that adding what is going on in your waking life is important to the dream, you can give a few details.

Because your dream is delving into your subconscious mind, you will receive an in-depth analysis of your dream. Pamela will provide the dream category or categories this dream contains, plus two or more interpretations for different parts of your dreams. One symbol could have several meanings and each dream scene may have many different meanings. You may also receive input from Pamela’s guides, Angels, and psychic abilities to help with your dream interpretation email. Depending on your dream, there could be insights on how to incorporate this information to empower your life. Occasionally, the meaning could be a little uncomfortable, yet it will help you grow. In the end, as long as you are honest with yourself, you will know which interpretation feels right and is true.

You Will Receive

Your dream interpretation email will be eight or more paragraphs. This will assist you to comprehend the messages of your dream and symbols, the category or categories it fits into, and steps to take to implement this information in your life. Plus, wisdom from Pamela’s angels and guides.

In-Depth Dream Interpretation Email

An in-depth email dream analyst for your dream’s true meaning.


Dream Interpretation by Email

Monthly Subscription Program

If you have ongoing questions about your dreams and want to save money, then this $100.00 a month subscription program is for you. You may submit up to four dreams for an interpretation each month. This is extremely useful to discover: dream themes, your unique symbolism, if your dreams are precognitive, the solutions to your problems, and much more…

You will automatically be billed through Stripe each month, although you may cancel at anytime. * Please note that if you no longer require this service it is your responsibility to cancel through Stripe prior to your billing date.

After Payment, Submit Your Dream

Thank you for your purchase and we look forward to serving! Please email your dream to love@pamelacummins.com or use the contact form below. Pamela will contact you to let you know that she received the payment and when to expect the dream interpretation; usually within 24 to 48 hours, although it could be longer (48 to 72 hours) if you purchased it on the weekend or during a US holiday. Please check ALL email files, including your “SPAM” folder for your reply.

Email Dream Interpretation
Email Dream Interpretation

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