Would you like to learn how to interpret your own dreams with coaching for dream interpretation? Pamela Cummins has been interpreting dreams since 1991 and would love to educate you to understand your messages of the nighttime. Here are examples of what you will learn during your coaching sessions:

  • How to understand your unique dream language.
  • What your particular symbols truly mean (hint you won’t find this information in a dream app or journal) and how to apply that meaning to the rest of the dream themes.
  • Learn the different dream categories to assist analyzing, understanding, and deepen the dream meanings.
  • Begin to see the dream patterns in so-called unrelated dreams.
  • Recognize whether a dream is from past events, current happenings, or unresolved issues.
  • Know if your dream was an actual visitation from a departed loved one or to assist in your healing process.
  • Realize if your dream was a premonition of upcoming events.
  • And much more…

How Dream Interpretation Coaching Works

Everyone is at a different place when it comes to dream interpretation, which is why this is not a cookie cutter program. Pamela’s coaching is individualized to go at your pace, needs, and goals. Please be ready to be dedicated and take action on your goals because there are no shortcuts to learning dream interpretation. The rewards are well worth it; for you are discovering who you are and how to apply your dreams’ wisdom to benefit your entire life!

Before we can begin, it is important that you have a system for keeping a record of your dreams: whether that is in a journal, computer, tablet, smart phone, or some type of audio recording we both can listen to at the same time.

Please understand that your dreams are the key to who you truly are and will reveal parts of yourself that could cause uncomfortable feelings to come up. You must be willing to share those things within you to Pamela; which is a good thing, for when you bring up those inner shadow parts of you to the surface, it helps heal them, and move you forward along the path of self-growth. Since Pamela has gone through this process, she can relate to what you are going thru, and she will make sure you are in a comfortable and safe place.

Three Month Coaching Packages

Learning the secret language of your dreams is a journey that takes time, hard work, and tenacity. Save money by taking advantage of the following coaching package with the option to renew as often as you need.

Three-month coaching is for those who are ready to make a commitment to analyzing, interpreting, and understanding their dream messages and unique, personal symbolism.

Option One

  • Two (one hour) coaching sessions each month.
  • Four quick email questions in-between your sessions.
  • Digital Copy of Learn the Secret Language of Dreams.

Three-Month Package three monthly payments of $400.00 or one payment $1,100.00 (savings of $100.00)

Option Two

  • Four (one hour) coaching sessions each month.
  • Unlimited quick email questions in-between your sessions.
  • Digital Copy of Learn the Secret Language of Dreams.

Three-Month Package: three monthly payments of $700.00 or one payment of $1950.00 (savings of $150.00).

Please use the contact form below for more information on these packages and to see if we are a good fit. Check ALL email files including your “SPAM” folder for the reply.

*If you are going through or it is discovered that you have PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) or repressed memories, you must be working with therapist at least twice a month before Pamela will do or continue the coaching program.

Learn how to analyze dream messages with Pamela Cummins
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