• Are you interested in what a dream meant?
  • Perhaps, you are having the same dream over and over?
  • Do you want your dream interpreted, but not interested in spending your time on learning how?

You have come to the right place. Pamela just loves interpreting your dreams and will be happy to analyze your dream! For your session, it would be helpful if you record down your dream or dreams, whether that is in a journal or some type of device to help remember them. Please do your best to also take note of what you were feeling during the dream due to the fact it plays an important part of your interpretation. You may find that you dream more than usual after you schedule your appointment, jot down those dreams too, as they are meant to be part of your session.

When Pamela does a dream interpretation she may give you two to three different meanings of the different symbols for you decide which fits best. She may ask questions about your feelings during the dream or what is going on in your waking life to help get a deeper interpretation of your dream. Pamela mostly uses her interpretation skills in your analysis, yet her guides, Angels, and psychic abilities may at time come through to help during your dream interpretation session. Warning: on occasion the meaning could be a little uncomfortable, yet it will help you grow. In the end, as long as you are honest with yourself, you will know which interpretation feels right and is true.

All sessions are by appointment only. Pamela will contact you to book your appointment once your payment is received. Please check ALL email files, including your “SPAM” folder for your reply.

Dream Interpretation

One Hour Phone (US Only) and Skype Session


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