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Your dream interpretation free gift package is wonderful for establishing your dream analysis foundation. The package contains tools to use while learning how to understand your dream meanings. Below you will find a detailed list of the presents you will receive:

How to Remember Your Dreams

Do you have trouble recalling your dreams? If you do, you’re not alone, and that is why this free gift is perfect for you. The guidebook has tools to help you remember your dreams and explains seven different types of dreams. You will also receive an eight-minute audio meditation in MP3 format to help you relax and visualize remembering your dreams. Before you know it, you will be recording your dreams and be ready to discover their meanings!

Got Dreams? Discover Your Perfect Dream Journal

A PDF copy of Pamela’s latest eBook, here’s the book description:

Have you ever told yourself upon awakening that you will remember the dream you just had, but forgot large chunks of it within minutes? This is why it’s imperative to record your dreams. Yet, what journal style would work best for you?

Expert dream interpreter, Pamela Cummins, has your answer and more. In Got Dreams? Discover Your Ideal Dream Journal, you will learn: nine different types of dream journals, the benefits of journaling your dreams, how dream interpretation will empower your life, and a glimpse into understanding your dream meanings.

25% off Smashwords Coupon for the eBook Learn the Secret Language of Dreams

The following is the book’s description:

Do you know that your dreams are special and unique? But if you don’t understand their meaning, you are missing out on vital information. Because every night your subconscious mind sends you messages to help you solve problems, improve relationships, and teach you how to create a higher quality of life. The key is to learn how to decipher them and that is how Pamela Cummins, dream and relationship expert, can help you. Learn the Secret Language of Dreams is designed to give you the ability to understand the meanings of your own dreams.

Symbolism in dreams is not a “one size fits all.”  One symbol can mean many things. In order to understand the nature of dream symbolism more clearly, you will need to know what category your dream fits into. This eBook will help you identify the different dream styles so you can recognize what part of your life the dream message is for. Once you know the category of your dream, it will be easier to interpret your unique personal symbolism.

How to Remember Your Dreams
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