Dream interpretation expert, Pamela Cummins, is available for speaking engagements and interviews for radio, television, articles, and blogs. Below you will find a short bio, head shots, book cover, In the Dreamtime column, and interviews. For bookings or more information please use the contact form on the bottom of the page. 


Pamela Cummins dreams are absolutely wild; such as being shot in the head, a man with two penises, talking to animals, and visits from deceased loved ones. In her waking life, Pamela is an author, dream interpreter, and intuitive coach. She is available for teaching classes and workshops on dream interpretation, individual coaching to learn how to interpret your own dreams, plus analyzing clients’ dreams. You can read and submit questions to her monthly column In the Dreamtime in Bellesprit Magazine. Pamela is the author of six books, including Learn the Secret Language of Dreams. To learn more, please visit https://learndreaminterpretation.com/


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Pamela Cummins Author

Pamela’s Monthly Column in Bellesprit Magazine


Each month our readers would submit their interesting or strange dreams awaiting Pamela’s quick wit and intuitive knowledge around the message their dream had to share. I became intrigued – as did our readers – with Pamela’s ability to read into a dream and find within the message the Universe had for the dreamer. It’s truly fascinating to follow her column and see how she came up with such incredible guidance found within the secret language of our dreams. ~ Belle Salisbury founder of Bellesprit Magazine. To read Pamela’s columns please click In the Dreamtime

From Here to There Radio with Dyan Garris

From Here to There Radio with Dyan Garris

What a great time I had on Dyan Garris’ radio show. This show is all about how dream interpretation helps you move forward on your personal and spiritual growth journey. You can listen below or on Transformation Talk Radio

Spiritual Insights Show

Pamela was a guest on the Spiritual Insight Show hosted by Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman. Sadly, the video and sound is off; therefore, you may prefer to listen to the iHeartRadio audio instead. Enjoy the show!

The Psychic Junkie Audio Interview


What are psychic dreams? How can I enhance, extend or improve my own intuition to have more extraordinary experiences with the ethereal realms? What is the difference between a hyper active imagination, and a real “sign” from the spiritual realms?  Why do spirits appear so often in some dreams…..? (And to some people) but not in others? Are spiritual dreams symbolic, or are they literally true? How can I enhance, extend or improve my own intuition to have more extraordinary experiences with the ethereal realms? To listen to the interview, please click the MP3.

Interview on the Daily Author Radio Show


Rich Keller talks to Pamela Cummins on this edition of The Daily Author about her skills, her current life, and how she took it to the next level to produce four books. To listen to the interview, please visit The Daily Author or listen below to the MP3.

Interview on Paranormal Review Radio Show


As we sleep we dream of things that sometimes are clear messages and sometimes make no sense at all. What do our dreams mean? Tonight we will look at our dreams and see if we can make sense of what they mean. Get your dreams analyzed by Pamela Cummins. To listen to the interview, please visit the Paranormal Review or listen below to the MP3.