The mystical dream analysis group can assist you to learn dream interpretation and understand your dreams’ meanings. How? Here are three reasons to become a member:

  1. Your dream usually has more than one or two meanings. Group members’ viewpoints on your dream present interpretations that you might not consider.
  2. You can relate to some of the other member’s dreams and life situations, then offer your own perspective to analyze their dreams. Their dreams and interpretations may help you understand your future dreams’ messages.
  3. This last reason is the most important. Comprehending your dreams takes practice and tenacity. Our group will motivate you to continue to interpret your dreams in a safe environment with like-minded people.

You are welcome to join the group, whether you’re a beginner or have been analyzing your dreams for a while. An important first step is that you are able to remember your dreams and have some sort of system to record them. If you need assistance with this, please sign up for the free dream interpretation gift package.

In This Group You Will Receive

The following is included in the Mystical Dream Analysis Group.

Live Coaching

Two live coaching groups meet each month through Zoom. Which will be devoted to the members’ dreams or spiritual inquires; everyone is encouraged to help interpret their own and others’ dreams, and as well as other questions that crop up in the group. Pamela Cummins (who has been interpreting dream since the early 90’s) will also assist with interpretations/questions, and how members can apply this information to their lives, while accelerating their spiritual growth.

Examples of Topics Covered

  • Understanding Your Unique Symbolism
  • Analyzing Your Dreams
  • Recurring Dreams
  • Precognitive Dreams
  • Dreams of the Deceased
  • Nightmares
  • Angel or Spiritual Figures Visitations
  • Solution Dreams
  • Relationship Dreams
  • And more…

When We Meet

  1. The second Tuesday of the month at 7 pm in the Eastern Time zone (North Carolina, USA) for 60 to 75 minutes.
  2. The fourth Sunday of the month at 1 pm Eastern Time zone for 60 to 75 minutes.

Please click to figure out your time zone.

More Perks

  • Once a month, one special lesson (ten to fifteen minutes) will also be presented during the meeting.
  • 10% off of all services each month while you are in the Mystical Dream Analysis Group.

Cost of Membership

You will receive all of the above for only $40.00 a month!

Coming in 2022

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