The following oracle cards were created by Pamela Cummins to assist you to understand your dream messages and accelerate your self-growth.

Analyze Your Dreams Oracle Cards

Analyze Your Dreams Oracle Cards Deck

A unique oracle card deck to assist you in learning the secret language of dreams. Pamela created this deck using the tools and techniques that she has been using for decades to interpret dreams for her clients and students.

There are fifty-two cards in the deck using animals, sea life, reptiles, and more… Twelve cards are based on common symbols, while the other forty are about dream categories and other tools to assist you to comprehend your dreams’ messages.

This deck inspires you to continue analyzing your dreams for a lifetime…

How? Get ready to go within your subconscious mind, contemplate how the messages of the nighttime relate to your life, discover your own unique dream language, exercise your symbolism muscle, and understand your dreams’ meanings.

Uses for Analyze Your Dreams Oracle Cards

In case you are wondering how to use this deck, here are six suggestions:

  1. Handle these cards as a learning tool similar to flash cards.
  2. Discover what you need to focus on at this time for your dream interpretation journey.
  3. Ask for information on a dream and picked a card. This card would describe the type of dream you had last night or how to analyze the dream.
  4. Meditate upon a card or two to go deeper with your subconscious mind for your dreams’ insights.
  5. Use the information as a regular oracle deck for your waking life, since that’s what dreams’ messages are for.
  6. Integrate with another one of your favorite oracle and/or tarot deck if you need anything clarified.

To learn more or purchase Analyze Your Dreams Oracle Cards, please visit Pamela’s Dream Mystic Shop.

Purrs for Humans

Purrs for Humans,

These thirty-nine cards use cat wisdom from the Guru’s Merlin and Rhiannon to accelerate your self-growth and live a purrfect life! Meow – to discover more or buy the deck, please click Game Crafter


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