Is Everyone in Your Dream a Representation of You?

Are You All the Characters in Your Dreams

The idea for this blog if everyone in your dreams came about from a  Facebook group. When I asked, “If you had a dream journal guide to understand your dream meanings, what would you want in that guide?” One woman commented how she was confused by Carl Jung’s concept that every person in her dream was a version of her or something within herself. Here is my response:

Radio Show Interview on Dream Interpretation

What an honor it was to be a guest on the Spiritual Illumination radio show! Katherien Lundin and I had a blast talking about the topics of dream interpretation, dream symbols, dream categories, as well as touching on a few other spiritual topics. Please listen to the show in the MP3.

Dreamland Discovery of Your Lifetime Mate

Soul Mate Dreams

Dreamland Discovery of Your Lifetime Mate“I saw a man in my dream who felt like my soul mate,” I have heard from my clients and radio callers when I hosted The Love Channel Show. The majority of these dreams occurred to women, although it happens to men too. Is it true? Are they really dreaming of their upcoming partner? Is it dream land discovery of your lifetime mate?

What Fascinates You About Dream Interpretation?

Dream Interpretation with Pamela Cummins

Welcome to my upgraded Learn Dream Interpretation website and blog! I am curious to discover what intrigues you about the meanings of your dreams. The reason I ask is in the upcoming year I plan on doing blogs on the following topics: