What’s the Perfect Dream Journal for You?

Dream Journal

There were few choices of dream journals to choose from back in the early nineties when I began journaling my dreams, which was either handwritten in a book journal or recorded on a magnetic tape recorder machine. These days, you are lucky to have a multitude of choices. If you desire to know why you should even bother to record your dreams, please read The Importance of a Dream Journal.

Give the Unique Gift of Dream Interpretation

Gift of Understanding Dream Meanings

Did you know that when a person understands their dream symbols and meanings, it will change their life for the better? Every night our dreams give valuable information, which the majority of the population have no idea how to tap into.

Are Dream Dictionaries’ Interpretations Right or Wrong?

Dream Dictionaries Pros and Cons

During the writing of my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams a psychic friend automatically assumed it would be a dream dictionary, which it isn’t. Another time, I was a guest on a radio show mentioning how dream dictionaries are too generic for the correct symbolism while giving alternatives on how to interpret your dreams. When I finished speaking the host said, “I always used the dream app on my phone to find the meaning of my dreams.” Ah, duh, dream apps and dream dictionaries are the same thing. Yet, are dream dictionaries interpretations right or wrong? 

12 Benefits of Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation Benefits

Learning how to analyze and comprehend your unique dream symbolism and language takes decades. Some dreams are easy to figure out, nevertheless the majority of your dreams are extremely complex. Many people prefer to take the easy way out by looking up a symbol in a dream dictionary; however, that is like learning how to read poetry from a children’s alphabet book. To understand how one symbol has endless meanings, check out the blog Water Symbol Has Many Different Dream Meanings. Would you like to know the benefits of dream interpretation? Hopefully the following benefits will inspire you to start the lifetime journey of learning to analyze your dreams.

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The Many Interpretations of Short Dreams

Many Interpretations of Short Dreams

Don’t discount short dreams, thinking that there’s not much value or they only have one meaning. Just like one word in the English language can have lots of meanings, a symbol in a dream often has numerous meanings. This is why I compare dream apps/dictionaries to learning your ABC’s with a few basic words such as Jane, Spot, or cat. When you add in what has happened in the past or occurring today in the dreamer’s life, plus their emotions in the dream – the meanings become even more complicated.

Rarely does a dream just have one symbol; as a matter of fact, there are usually at least two or more symbols in a dream, which is why I give my clients several interpretations to choose the one or two that feels right to them. To read three short dream examples, please visit June’s 2017 In the Dreamtime column in the free online Bellesprit Magazine. You can submit your dreams for the magazine by emailing them to pamelabellesprit@gmail.com. I include similar styles of dreams for each month’s column; therefore, your dream may not appear in the following magazine issue. If you need the interpretation sooner or desire to learn how to interpret your own dreams, visit my dream interpretation services web page.

As the Precognitive Dream Unravels

Precognitive dreams

Future prediction, whether through a precognitive dream or a psychic reading, rarely give a play by play of how an event will exactly unfold; which had made some of my past clients very angry when I used to work the psychic lines. One female caller wanted to know if she was going to get a lot of money from her soon to be ex-husband. My Angels answer was, “You will be taken care of financially.” The woman became furious after she asked the question three different ways and my Angels kept giving her the same answer. At one point she shouted, “You’re not answering my question!” “This is the way my Angels are answering it,” I responded.