Elephant Dream Meanings

Elephant Dream Meanings

The idea of doing a blog on the elephant dream meanings came about from my recent trip to the San Diego Zoo. What fun it was to watch such magnificent creatures eat, walk about, and live! Elephants have fascinated humans for centuries, which is why it’s not surprising they appear symbolically in our dreams.

Intuition for the Correct Dream Symbol Meaning

Intuition for the Correct Dream Symbol Meaning

If you are unsure of what an image message is, use your intuition for the correct dream symbol meaning that feels spot on to you. One symbol can have many interpretations. Sadly, many people won’t take a moment to reflect on what a dream symbol means to them. Instead they instantly click on a dream dictionary app. If you must do this, please allow your intuition to guide you to choose one of the definitions listed in the app that feels right to you. Don’t be surprised if none of them do. This is what happened to me decades ago when I researched symbols in a dream dictionary book. The author was off on so many of my symbols that I donated her book.

Tiger Dream and Symbol Meanings

Tiger dream and symbol meanings

The idea for doing a blog on the tiger dream symbol and meanings was inspired by our recent twilight tour at Carolina Tiger Rescue. All the photos in this blog were taken by my life partner, Chris, using his digital camera. Besides tigers, we also saw cougars, caracals, a leopard, and more…

Before I go into possible meanings, it’s important to remind you that the tiger symbol can have hundreds of meanings. Why? Each individual has their own unique dream language based on their upbringing, life experiences, present obstacles, and emotions they’re experiencing in the dream. If the dream has people in it, other symbols, different types of landscapes, and more than one dream scene – we just created thousands of potential interpretations.

Poop Dream Meanings

We all got to go; hence, defecating will appear in our dreams. Even if it’s a natural part of life, there are some people who will feel uncomfortable about this post. However, dreams about poop are very common. The following quote from my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams sums it up nicely:

Dreaming of Birds

Dream Meanings of Birds

Birds have always fascinated humans, whether we are awake or dreaming because we wonder what it would be like if we could fly. Birds’ dream meanings can have thousands of interpretations depending on the species and the dreamer’s feelings and experiences with birds.

Is Everyone in Your Dream a Representation of You?

Are You All the Characters in Your Dreams

The idea for this blog if everyone in your dreams came about from a  Facebook group. When I asked, “If you had a dream journal guide to understand your dream meanings, what would you want in that guide?” One woman commented how she was confused by Carl Jung concept that every person in her dream was a version of her or something within herself. Here is my response:

Dreaming of Snakes and Spiders is it Common?

Dreaming of Snakes and Spiders is Common

Eww! Gross! This is a common response most folks have upon waking up from a dreaming about snakes and/or spiders. Or perhaps some people may think it’s awesome, especially a little boy or if they’re into reptiles and insects. These two symbols seem to baffle many of why they would dream about spiders and snakes; however, it’s really quite common which will be showcased on this blog.

Hurricane Dream Guidance ~ Precognitive Dreams

Hurricane Dream Guidance

Last Monday, September 10, 2018, we were informed that Hurricane Florence’s eye is in direct line of where I live – Jacksonville, North Carolina. My spirit guides kept telling me over and over, “Safe.” This is the dream I had Tuesday morning: