Courage to Remember Your Dreams

Courage to Remember Your Dreams

In this six-minute podcast, you will discover why we humans resist remembering our dreams. Learn the value of having the courage to face your dreams messages of your authentic feelings and the reality of your relationships. And the reasons you’re having those bad dreams. 

Can Vitamins Affect Your Dreams?

Vitamins Affect Your Dreams

Does taking vitamins alter your dreams? My Father and I often send one another articles of interest, and the most recent article he sent me was about how vitamin B6 assists people to remember their dreams. Hmm, interesting, I thought as wonder if this could actually work?

How a Clean Bedroom Helps Dream Recall

How a Clean Bedroom Helps Dream Recall

One response I hear the most when I tell people I’m a dream interpreter is – I can’t remember my dreams. Sometimes somebody wonders if they dream at all as they never recall their them. Which I reply, “Of course you did. Your body has to dream in order to have Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep or you would be dead. REM also happens to cats and other animals.”

Dream Interpretation on the Spiritual Insights Show

Dream Interpretation Show

What a blast Tiffany and I had during the show! You will learn how to remember your dreams, whether or not you can trust dream dictionary interpretations, dream journals, what your dreams mean, and more from the August 7th, 2017 Spiritual Insight Show hosted by Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman.

Below you will find the YouTube video taken from the Facebook Live recording. A word of warning regarding the video, the sound got delayed, which reminds me of the karate movies from the 60’s and 70’s that were dubbed in English. If you prefer to just listen to the show please click iHeartRadio. 

Fear of Remembering Your Dreams

During a radio show interview, the host asked me, “Do most people tell you dream interpretation isn’t real?” My response was, “No, most people who come to me are open to the idea that their dreams have meaning. What I hear often from the general public is I can’t remember my dreams.” Sometimes it is because you have fear of remembering your dreams.