Dreaming of Snakes and Spiders is it Common?

Dreaming of Snakes and Spiders is Common

Eww! Gross! This is a common response most folks have upon waking up from a dreaming about snakes and/or spiders. Or perhaps some people may think it’s awesome, especially a little boy or if they’re into reptiles and insects. These two symbols seem to baffle many of why they would dream about spiders and snakes; however, it’s really quite common which will be showcased on this blog.

Camel Pose ~ In the Dreamtime: August 2018

In the Dreamtime Bellesprit Magazine


In my dream I was bending backwards in a camel pose while my feet were pointed up and I was easily able to touch my ankles. I lifted back up, put my feet flat, and again went into a bending backwards position. To my astonishment, I touched my ankles!

Filled with excitement I approached a twenty-six year old yoga teacher and blurted out, “I touched my ankle in camel pose.” She shrugged her shoulders in a “so what” manner. My response was, “Yes, but you’re young, I’m fifty-six years old. What an accomplishment!”

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House Dream Meanings In the Dreamtime

Dream Interpretation for House

In this month’s segment, two separate readers’ dreams are about their home and families. Read on to discover their dream interpretations.


My dream was about a girlfriend of my sister who wanted to use our house we are living in for a weekend so she could have a gemstone party. She set us up in a nice hotel for the weekend. Can you tell me what that means, please?

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In The DreamTime – Environment Dreams Protect Us from Harm

In the Dreamtime

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In this month’s column, you will learn how environment dreams are there for our protection, whether it’s from binge watching a TV show or real danger.


Over the weekend I binged on Law and Order SVU on Netflix. Sunday night I had a dream where I was with Oliva interviewing people, then we were in a shootout. Did I have this dream because I was watching too much SVU?

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The Many Interpretations of Short Dreams

Many Interpretations of Short Dreams

Don’t discount short dreams, thinking that there’s not much value or they only have one meaning. Just like one word in the English language can have lots of meanings, a symbol in a dream often has numerous meanings. This is why I compare dream apps/dictionaries to learning your ABC’s with a few basic words such as Jane, Spot, or cat. When you add in what has happened in the past or occurring today in the dreamer’s life, plus their emotions in the dream – the meanings become even more complicated.

Rarely does a dream just have one symbol; as a matter of fact, there are usually at least two or more symbols in a dream, which is why I give my clients several interpretations to choose the one or two that feels right to them. To read three short dream examples, please visit June’s 2017 In the Dreamtime column in the free online Bellesprit Magazine. You can submit your dreams for the magazine by emailing them to pamelabellesprit@gmail.com. I include similar styles of dreams for each month’s column; therefore, your dream may not appear in the following magazine issue. If you need the interpretation sooner or desire to learn how to interpret your own dreams, visit my dream interpretation services web page.

Many Dream Meanings for Home Invasions

In the Dreamtime Home Invasion

Dream symbols and meanings have an endless amount of interpretations depending on an individual personal symbolism, what is occurring in the present, past events in their lifetime, and the emotions felt within the dream. Understanding your dream meanings is an ongoing process, yet aids you in comprehending the age old question – who am I?