How to Understand Your Dreams’ Special Symbols

Snakes Dream Meaning

Your dream about a snake awakens you out of a sound sleep; now you’re pondering what does it means. You reach for your dream dictionary or click the dream app on your smart phone, look up what a snake means, and choose the meaning that seems right. Is that what your dream truly means? Well, maybe, but probably not. It can be confusing understanding your dreams’ special symbols. 

The Daily Author: Dream Interpretation with Pamela Cummins

Pamela Cummins' Interview on The Daily Author

What an honor it was to be a guest on The Daily Author radio show hosted by Rich Keller! If you are interested in becoming an author, dream interpretation, or self-growth; this show is for you. The interview touched upon my personal growth, which led me to become a dream interpreter. Dream interpretation is one of the major topics, along with my journey of authoring four books. You can listen to the show on the MP3 below.

What Fascinates You About Dream Interpretation?

Dream Interpretation with Pamela Cummins

Welcome to my upgraded Learn Dream Interpretation website and blog! I am curious to discover what intrigues you about the meanings of your dreams. The reason I ask is in the upcoming year I plan on doing blogs on the following topics: