Receiving Messages During the Time Between Being Asleep and Awake

Receiving Messages During the Time between Being Asleep and Awake

This blog post isn’t on the exact topic of dream interpretation, but on that weird state when you’re not awake, yet not asleep either. Back in the early nineties when I was studying hypnotherapy, my instructor mentioned how similar the feeling of being in-between sleeping and awakening is to the hypnotic state. In both cases you’re aware of your surroundings, are in a state of mind that is easier to accept suggestions; nonetheless, you clearly know what your values are and have the capacity to say no to anything harmful or bad behavior.

Our subconscious mind, Higher Source, or whatever you choose to call it uses this in-between state to pass on helpful information and messages to assist us through our life’s journey; in the same manner our dream messages do. In fact, during one of my hypnosis trainings, I slipped from a state of hypnosis back into a dream that I realized I dreamed the night before, yet forgot about the dream. Then a few minutes later I went back into hypnosis remembering bits and pieces of that forgotten dream. Pretty freaky, huh?
How do these messages appear to us? By the following four ways:

4 Ways You Receive Messages in-between states of being awake and asleep

  1. Seeing a vision in your mind.
  2. Hearing a voice in your ear or head.
  3. Receiving an idea.
  4. Having an inner knowing this is the way to go.

Dream Interpretation Services

Please don’t ignore this information as you wouldn’t have received it if wasn’t important. What types of messages could you receive? You may get messages to assist you with:

  • Health
  • Diet
  • Love life
  • Friends
  • Clients
  • Co-workers
  • Career
  • Self-employment
  • Transportation
  • Relocation
  • Or anything else you can think of.

The next time you receive input during your half-awake state, implement it as long as safe to do so. For example, if you hear to eat more protein, more than likely your body is in need of vital daily supplements. Or if you get a vision that a client doesn’t show up for his appointment in the afternoon, email or call him right away to confirm the appointment.

Last week, I received the message right before I awoken to reduce my online class How to Interpret Your Dreams at Teachable from $50.00 to $30.00. That’s a huge savings, plus you have a 30 day money back guarantee. I hope you enjoy the journey into the fascinating journey of the dreamland!

Receiving Messages During the Time between Being Asleep and Awake to help your life

Pamela Cummins’ Show

My adventure to bring about my podcast can be summed up by the title of one of the Grateful Dead’s albums – What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been. Along this journey I: researched whether or not to self-host on my own website, different podcast hosting sites, and reviews of podcast hosts, became confused by varying opinions, recorded and edited podcasts. This non-techie chose Podbean services and went through the setup process.

Here is my podcast description:

Pamela Cummins’ New Website

Pamela Cummins website

I’m thrilled to announce my third website! This website is dedicated to your personal and spiritual growth. Are you wondering what that has to do with dream interpretation? Our dreams send us messages to assist our evolution during our lifetime, to learn more about this subject, please read Expand Your Personal Growth with Dream Interpretation. 

Dreams of a Deceased Father

Dreams of a Deceased Father

Dreaming of a deceased loved one is quite common; however, it can cause confusion on whether it was an actual visitation or just a dream. There was a time when I thought it was usually one or the other, until I experienced an intense dream that was a combination of both. You can read about my encounter in the blog Messages of Love from the Departed.  

A client granted me permission to use her recent dream for publication, although to keep the photo of her father private. Just a little background before going into the dream and interpretation; her dad has been deceased for a few decades, while her mother passed a few years ago.

Stop the Pinterest Scammers Who Steal Pins

Stop the Pinterest Scammers Who Steal Pins

Pinners, beware! Thieves are stealing pins, change the website link, and redirecting them to their own website, click bates, or other scams. Pinterest has been fighting this uprising situation and resolving this as fast as they can; however, you can help, too. Before you pin – check to see if the website link matches the one on the pin. Or click to see if the pin leads to the correct site, although only do this if your devices are protected from virus attacks. Here’s the Pinterest help link on spam:

Dreaming About Unwanted Sexual Advances

Dreaming About Unwanted Sexual Advances

How do you feel when a person you’re not interested in expresses an unwanted affection or sexual advance? Emotions could range from ego trip to disgust. Those feelings are magnified when you dream about a man or woman making a proposition for sex.

Emotions in Dreams, Aids in Dream Interpretation

Emotions in Dreams Aid Dream Interpretation

Whenever I write a blog on a specific symbol, I always remind my readers of how important your emotions are in a dream. Your feelings are key to understanding the true message, which is why I always ask my clients what they felt in the dream.

Let’s play around with my theory by using the following three examples: