Stop the Pinterest Scammers Who Steal Pins

Stop the Pinterest Scammers Who Steal Pins

Pinners, beware! Thieves are stealing pins, change the website link, and redirecting them to their own website, click bates, or other scams. It’s very upsetting when your Pinterest pins are stolen! Pinterest has been fighting this uprising situation and resolving this as fast as they can; however, you can help, too. Before you pin – check to see if the website link matches the one on the pin. Or click to see if the pin leads to the correct site, although only do this if your devices are protected from virus attacks. Here’s the Pinterest help link on spam:

Dreaming of Pinterest in the Nighttime

Dreams of Pinterest

Pamela Cummins Dreaming of PinterestAre you on Pinterest? Have you just dabble in it? Become a pinning addict? Or somewhere in between? Personally, I can answer yes to all those questions. I went from a personal Pinterest account, to a business account, and then just dabbled with it while I focused on Twitter. Sadly, Twitter isn’t working like it used to for me. I couldn’t decide if I should shift my focus to my Facebook business page or Pinterest; when my angels whispered, “Pinterest.”

Listen to your angels for their information is always accurate; therefore mine were spot on. Pinterest has really grown by leaps and bounds! There is a ton of data on the internet how Pinterest helps your business. My website analytics verify this fact, considering the majority of my blog traffic is coming from Pinterest, thus my social media marketing focus has switched to them.