Precognitive Dreams for an Upcoming Death

Precognitive Dreams for an Upcoming Death

Losing a loved one is very painful, which is why precognitive dreams for an upcoming death can help prepare you. In this post, you will learn how to tell if your death dream is truly predicting a death. Then I will use examples of my personal dreams to demonstrate how they warned me of my cat Merlin’s death.

But first I would like to point out that is common for people to have dreams of their deceased loved ones after they pass. This is why my blog posts in the category dreams of the deceased receive a ton of visits every day. I recently read that precognitive dreams for an upcoming death rarely happen. Which makes me shake my head as I had predicted death dreams for my mother and two cats, Midnite and Merlin. If I can have these dreams, I know others have them, too.

Precognitive Dream Quotes

Quotes about premonition dreams

Quotes are wisdom stuffed into one or a few sentences that many people love, as do I. So far I’ve done blogs about dream interpretation quotes, nightmare quotes, and Carl Jung quotes, which you can find under the quote category for this blog. However, quotes about precognitive dreams (dreams about the future) seem to be sparse on the internet. I found four quotes that showcased premonition dreams in a positive manner and the last two are from my book, Learn the Secret Language of Dreams. Here are the six quotes:

Hurricane Dream Guidance ~ Precognitive Dreams

Hurricane Dream Guidance

Last Monday, September 10, 2018, we were informed that Hurricane Florence’s eye is in direct line of where I live – Jacksonville, North Carolina. My spirit guides kept telling me over and over, “Safe.” This is the dream I had Tuesday morning:

Warning Dreams of Who’s NOT Your Soul Mate

Warning Dreams of Who is NOT Your Soul Mate

Our dreams of the nighttime give guidance in all areas of life, including our love life since it’s an important factor in our life. The majority of humans have an innate desire for a special love; some people make wise choices in a partner, while others make unwise choices in love. Dreams will give us guidance on whether or not a person is truly the right one through a variety of ways to help us interpret them. In this blog, I will give you two examples of warning dreams that illustrated who’s not your soul mate.

Dream Messages from My Teeth

Dream Messages from My Teeth.png

I am pleased that Katherien Lundin has written another guest blog. Her personal experience demonstrates how precognitive dreams are very symbolic, while illustrating how this dream helped to prepare her for an upcoming challenge. Also, her dream shows how one symbol’s meaning can be affected by other symbols in our dreams. Some people think that all they have to do is go to a dream dictionary to have the answers to their dreams meaning; however, it is so much more than that, as you will see in Katherien’s post “Dream Messages from My Teeth.”

Katherien Ludin 

My family has always had a strong belief in the power of dreams for upcoming omens and predictions for significant future events. Many dream interpretations and meanings have been passed from one generation to the next. Dreams do validate intuition and do open the pathways for communication with the other side.

Dating Dreams Expose the “Wrong One”

Dating Dreams Wrong One

Did you know that your dreams of the nighttime can help you with finding the right one by warning you about the wrong ones?  We all know that dating or as my niece calls it “they are talking” can be a hassle, disappointing, or a nightmare! Ta dah, dream interpretation to the rescue. That’s right, your dating dreams can give major clues and insights whether this person is worth pursuing, red flags in the relationship, or potential danger.

As the Precognitive Dream Unravels

Precognitive dreams

Future prediction, whether through a precognitive dream or a psychic reading, rarely give a play by play of how an event will exactly unfold; which had made some of my past clients very angry when I used to work the psychic lines. One female caller wanted to know if she was going to get a lot of money from her soon to be ex-husband. My Angels answer was, “You will be taken care of financially.” The woman became furious after she asked the question three different ways and my Angels kept giving her the same answer. At one point she shouted, “You’re not answering my question!” “This is the way my Angels are answering it,” I responded.