Dreams of a Deceased Mother

Mothers leave a gigantic imprint on us, whether it’s our birth mother or the woman who raised us. Hence, the reason we have dreams of a deceased mother. In this blog, I will go over the following types of a deceased mother’s dreams: before death, immediately after death, visitations, and resolving issues.

Four Types of Dreams of a Deceased Mother

4 Types of Dreams of a Deceased Mother

Before Death

This is what I call a heads up dream that prepares you of an upcoming passing of a loved one, which has happened to me twice. Once with my mother and the second time with my cat, Midnite. Though the dream with my mom happened decades ago, I remember like it was yesterday.

Pamela’s Dream

In the so-called dream, my head was facing towards the right, when I felt tugging on my hair from someone in back of me. I felt terrified, turned my head to the left, and instantly felt relieved when I saw it was my mother. No words were spoken; however, the feeling of love was intense, as it permeated my every cell and the entire room.

After the Dream

Upon awakening, my first thought was my mother has died, and I waited for the phone call, which never came. My sister called a few days later asking if I wanted to would join her on visiting our mom. Of course, I went, and a week later she passed.

If you dream of your mother departing to the other side, does it mean she will die? Not necessarily, although I would suggest to reach out to her just in case. The only way I can describe the dreams I had is they were similar to a precognitive dream where there is a feeling of knowing this will happen.

In my case, the feeling of love (that I never before/still haven’t experienced in the waking world) was an enormous clue. Because of that experience, I comprehend what people who had a near death experience (NDE) meant when they said words can never describe what their NDE felt like. My mom’s love that I felt is beyond description!

Immediately After Death

Many people have experienced their mother visiting them in their dreams, even if they didn’t know their mother had passed. Why does our mother visit us in the dreamtime and not while we are awake?

Those who have departed are now vibrating at a higher energetic frequency. While being alive on Earth, we must vibrate at a lower frequency to be able to maintain a solid form. It is much easier for us Earthlings to reach a higher frequency in the dream state. For those who are newly departed, it’s less demanding to lower themselves into our dream state than the physical awake state. Hence, the reason our deceased mothers appear in our dreams as it is a halfway meeting point.

Now, why does your mom visit right after her passing? To let you know she is okay, that she loves you, and hopefully, to ease the grief of her death. This is your mother’s way of saying, “Hey, I’m not gone, just in another form, and I’m here when you need me.”

It’s not unusual for a few siblings to receive a visitation right after their mother departs and possibly at the same time. Remember that those who are in spirit are not trapped in space and time as those who remain after their departure.

Visitation Dreams

I like to point out that immediately after dreams are usually visitation dreams; nonetheless, visitation dreams can also occur weeks, months, years, and decades after your mother’s death. Again, those who are on the other side are not bound by time.

What are visitation dreams? Just like the word implies, these dreams are visits from your deceased mother. You will actually feel like you’re hanging out with your mom, whether you are having a conversation through words or telepathically. Conversations are usually simple, whether that’s I love you, I’m proud of you, or find my valuables in the back of the closet. Actions are uncomplicated, which can be a hug, touching your face, or showing an object they like you to have. All in all, visitation dreams are very loving and peaceful.

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Resolving Issues Dreams

If you’re angry, sad, or unforgiving of your mother and not dealing with this, guess where those issues go? That’s right, in your dreams! What you deny or resist, often appears in the messages of the nighttime to help resolve those issues.

When you’re dreaming of fighting with your mom, crying about her passing, or feeling unforgiving over her behavior, then you are working through your mother issues. These dreams tend to be similar as other problem type dreams. Your dreams are a gift, I know it doesn’t feel that way; nevertheless, you are having them to clear out your baggage with your mother in order to have a happier and peaceful life.

Mixed Dreams of a Deceased Mother

Could you have more than one dream style of your departed mother? Absolutely! If your mother is letting you know of her impending death, this can trigger a dream of unresolved mom issues. The same is true if she visited you immediately after her departure. Perhaps, the next dream scene may be grieving her.

Having a resolving issues dream can alert your mother to visit you for easier resolution. Or a visitation dream will assist in ridding any issues. To find out more on this subject read my client’s dream in Dreams of a Deceased Father and Pamela’s dream in Messages of Love from the Departed.

Loss of your mother is one of the most difficult situations you will ever go through. Dreams will assist with the healing, whether that is knowing she is okay or to resolve your issues. Please keep in mind that a mother’s love can penetrate many planes of existence. And if your mom never express her love during her life on Earth, she can now in the afterlife…

Have you ever had a dream about your departed mother? You are welcome to share them in the comments; however, I do not interpret dreams for public comments. If you would like me to interpret your dreams, please click dream interpretation services. Do you need other help during your grieving process? Please visit my other website for spiritual growth coaching.

Dreams of a Deceased Mother

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