Mothers leave a gigantic imprint on us, whether it’s our birth mother or the woman who raised us. Hence, the reason we have dreams of a deceased mother. In this blog, I will go over the following types of a deceased mother’s dreams: before death, immediately after death, visitations, and resolving issues.

Four Types of Dreams of a Deceased Mother

4 Types of Dreams of a Deceased Mother

Before Death

This is what I call a heads up dream that prepares you of an upcoming passing of a loved one, which has happened to me twice. Once with my mother and the second time with my cat, Midnite. Though the dream with my mom happened decades ago, I remember like it was yesterday.

Pamela’s Dream

In the so-called dream, my head was facing towards the right, when I felt tugging on my hair from someone in back of me. I felt terrified, turned my head to the left, and instantly felt relieved when I saw it was my mother. No words were spoken; however, the feeling of love was intense, as it permeated my every cell and the entire room.

After the Dream

Upon awakening, my first thought was my mother has died, and I waited for the phone call, which never came. My sister called a few days later asking if I wanted to would join her on visiting our mom. Of course, I went, and a week later she passed.

If you dream of your mother departing to the other side, does it mean she will die? Not necessarily, although I would suggest to reach out to her just in case. The only way I can describe the dreams I had is they were similar to a precognitive dream where there is a feeling of knowing this will happen.

In my case, the feeling of love (that I never before/still haven’t experienced in the waking world) was an enormous clue. Because of that experience, I comprehend what people who had a near death experience (NDE) meant when they said words can never describe what their NDE felt like. My mom’s love that I felt is beyond description!

Immediately After Death

Many people have experienced their mother visiting them in their dreams, even if they didn’t know their mother had passed. Why does our mother visit us in the dreamtime and not while we are awake?

Those who have departed are now vibrating at a higher energetic frequency. While being alive on Earth, we must vibrate at a lower frequency to be able to maintain a solid form. It is much easier for us Earthlings to reach a higher frequency in the dream state. For those who are newly departed, it’s less demanding to lower themselves into our dream state than the physical awake state. Hence, the reason our deceased mothers appear in our dreams as it is a halfway meeting point.

Now, why does your mom visit right after her passing? To let you know she is okay, that she loves you, and hopefully, to ease the grief of her death. This is your mother’s way of saying, “Hey, I’m not gone, just in another form, and I’m here when you need me.”

It’s not unusual for a few siblings to receive a visitation right after their mother departs and possibly at the same time. Remember that those who are in spirit are not trapped in space and time as those who remain after their departure.

Visitation Dreams

I like to point out that immediately after their death are usually visitation dreams; nonetheless, visitation dreams can also occur weeks, months, years, and decades after your mother’s death. Again, those who are on the other side are not bound by time.

What are visitation dreams? Just like the word implies, these dreams are visits from your deceased mother. You will actually feel like you’re hanging out with your mom, whether you are having a conversation through words or telepathically. Conversations are usually simple, whether that’s I love you, I’m proud of you, or find my valuables in the back of the closet. Actions are uncomplicated, which can be a hug, touching your face, or showing an object they like you to have. All in all, visitation dreams are very loving and peaceful.

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Resolving Issues Dreams

If you’re angry, sad, or unforgiving of your mother and not dealing with this, guess where those issues go? That’s right, in your dreams! What you deny or resist, often appears in the messages of the nighttime to help resolve those issues.

When you’re dreaming of fighting with your mom, crying about her passing, or feeling unforgiving over her behavior, then you are working through your mother issues. These dreams tend to be similar as other problem type dreams. Your dreams are a gift, I know it doesn’t feel that way; nevertheless, you are having them to clear out your baggage with your mother in order to have a happier and peaceful life.

Mixed Dreams of a Deceased Mother

Could you have more than one dream style of your departed mother? Absolutely! If your mother is letting you know of her impending death, this can trigger a dream of unresolved mom issues. The same is true if she visited you immediately after her departure. Perhaps, the next dream scene may be grieving her.

Having a resolving issues dream can alert your mother to visit you for easier resolution. Or a visitation dream will assist in ridding any issues. To find out more on this subject read my client’s dream in Dreams of a Deceased Father and Pamela’s dream in Messages of Love from the Departed.

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Loss of your mother is one of the most difficult situations you will ever go through. Dreams will assist with the healing, whether that is knowing she is okay or to resolve your issues. Please keep in mind that a mother’s love can penetrate many planes of existence. And if your mom never express her love during her life on Earth, she can now in the afterlife…

Have you ever had a dream about your departed mother? You are welcome to share them in the comments. However, I do NOT interpret dreams for free in the comments or anywhere else. If you would like me to interpret your dreams for you to learn it‘s meaning, please click dream interpretation services. Do you need other help during your grieving process? Please visit my other website for spiritual growth coaching.

Dreams of a Deceased Mother

About the Author Pamela Cummins

Pamela Cummins specializes in dream interpretation and personal/spiritual growth. She is available for dream analysis, coaching, and workshops. Pamela is the author of Learn the Secret Language of Dreams, the FREE eBook Got Dreams? Discover Your Ideal Dream Journal, four other books, and Analyze Your Dreams Oracle Cards.


  1. Okay – last night I woke up screaming ( or so I thought) – since other persons in this house heard nothing – I would have swore I was screaming . ” Ma Ma” I was in a room by myself – I was quite sure that there were other : beings: in my room – trying to get in thru the windows etc……I ran down the hall to where my mother was in a room by herself watching tv with a remote in her hand – I was yelling and screaming – some one is trying to get me ……she ignored me as if I wasn’t there there was a sofa in that room so I said “I am sleeping here near you” and she got up and left the room to go be with my stepfather …( who btw assaulted me on many occasions) I woke myself up screaming ‘Ma’ ………I thought everyone in the house heard me – but they didn;t ……I was so scared I put on all the lights and I also knew I was dreaming and just wanted SOMEONE TO WAKE ME UP !!!!!! AND CHRIST ALMIGHTY I AM 70 URS OLD NOW !!!!

  2. My mother passed away going on 18 years ago now. She had me late in life, so when she passed at 83, I was only 42. I still feel bad for not knowing how to care for her, being busy with my life, although she was part of everything in my life even after I got married. I still dream of her time and again, but lately I have had a couple of dreams of my deceased mother and her deceased sister my aunt. My aunt doesn’t say much but is cooking, my mother is kind of cranky and giving me grief. I can’t tell about what, just that she isn’t happy with me or something.

    I argue a little bit like kids and moms do, but not hateful, as I realize in my dreams that she is an older woman who probably just doesn’t feel well or is tired. I can’t for the life of me figure out why she is upset with me or whatever.

    I worry that she is dissatisfied with me about something. It might be that I have put on some weight and she always wanted me to be thin and fit, not that she nagged me or anything, she just wanted what was best for me. She never brought it up much, just once in a while, if I started to creep up a bit in weight.

    I should get it analyzed.

  3. My mom passed 3 months ago. Thursday morning I was dreaming I was at our old home with my daughter, granddaughter, mom and an unknown baby. Since the passing of my mom I have a lot of visits with her at our old home. I think I understand that part, but the baby is confusing. Can you help.

  4. My Mom passed away almost 4 months ago now. My birthday was 4 days ago and the night of my birthday was the first night I dreamed of her. I woke up just this morning dreaming of her again. (Its why im here) “I’ll be there for you always” were here exact words. Her birthday is tomorrow. I dug my face in hers and cried! “Mom I love you! I miss you! I need you!” It felt incredible just layin there in bed appreciating the moment.

  5. I dreamed my deceased mom but all my sisters included me all alive were with her. I asked her if we were going to one of sisters house and she told me no then my youngest sister nodded at me with a yes and that was it.

  6. My mom recently passed away from this virus, i am the age of 15, I am having a hard time processing it. Its almost been a month now, I am really trying to understand the dreams. I first had a dream i was talking to my mom and she was on the front and she told me she was not dead. I have been feeling like I could have somehow prevented her from getting sick, today i had a dream i followed her into the hospital she told me she was okay but she looked all tired out, she also said that I did not have to feel guilty that i couldn’t have prevented it, but later when i told my sister about this dream my sister shared her dream about my mom recently, saying that she came back as if everything was normal,and where were her stuff she got dressed for work trying to go to work, and asked if she was dead. I am trying to understand my dream.

    1. Kayla, I am so sorry for the loss of your mother at such a young age, which was caused by this horrible virus, and will keep you in my prayers. Interpreting dreams is a service I provide, which is why I don’t interpret them in my blog comments. If you wanted to purchase a service, I would also need permission from a guardian since you’re a minor.

      1. This poor young girl, still in the grief of loosing her mother, just wants comfort and to understand the message from her mum. Her feelings and emotions must be so high right now. But you want to take money from her first, so sad what this world has come to. Where’s the compassion for people who are hurting so much.

      2. Besides the fact that’s she’s a minor and I could get into HUGE trouble or sued for helping her. The compassion is when I wrote this blog in the first place to help her and thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people who have read it. My compassion for society is volunteering my time and expertise on dream interpretation and personal/spiritual growth for FREE by: writing 2 eBooks & a ton of blogs, doing videos, being a guest on podcasts, and there are two gift packages on my two websites. Where’s the compassion when it comes to exchanging my skills for money so I can cover my bills for business and cost of living expenses? Why should I take my time away from clients and students who are willing to pay me, and instead interpret her and other people dreams who want it for free when it’s clearly stated that interpreting dreams is a paid service? Would you work for free?

  7. My Mum passed away in her sleep at the ripe old age of 94 October 2019 last year. She was my world. Last night I had the most vivid dream of her. I was reaching out to touch her to see if she was alive or dead. I was saying to her if I can feel you rather than feel through you( like a ghost) you are still alive. I touched her and she was solid and alive. So weird as I’ve dreamt this before. After she passed away I dreamt I was carrying her outstretched and she was dead. So vivid are these dreams and really stay with me after.

  8. My mom passed away almost one year ago. Yesterday, a great sadness washed over me, realizing the date of her passing is approaching. That night (last night), I had the most wonderful dream about her. She was sitting at the kitchen table, making a vague construction of a house out of Lego-blocks, saying she was preparing the place where she very soon would go to. My dad was there also. My dad and me were very sad, but my mom was radiating calmness and feeling totally relaxed about her going to this place. I took both of their hands and told them I loved them. Then I woke up with tears in my eyes, and the amazing thing was that, even awake, I could still physically feel the touch of her hand on mine.

    This was such a beautiful experience, as I’m convinced she wanted me to know she’s doing well and she’s still there for me, watching over me.

  9. I had a dream last night of my mother who passed away 5-15-2018. I have had many dreams about her since her passing, but the last few dreams have been disturbing. Last night’s I can’t get out of my head. She appeared in my dream right next to me. It was so real, like she was sitting right next to me. She appeared healthy and had different colored hair. When I saw her I yelled, “Mom is that you?” She just looked at me with no response. I went to give her a big hug and she pushed me away. I got upset in the dream and was asking her why she was doing this? Then she proceeded to tell my why and I remember her talking to me, but I can’t remember the conversation at all. Her passing was a shock since she kept it from everyone that she had breast cancer. He last 3 weeks on earth were horrible. I keep questioning in my head why she kept it from me and the last 3 months of her life she pushed me away, which I have a feeling had to do with the illness. I don’t know if the dream is representing her pushing me away, or I should move on with my life? I am just hurt that she did this to me in the dream. We were extremely close, so this is why It’s really bothering me.

    1. I’m sorry this dream was so upsetting to you and that you were hurt by your mother’s actions of keeping such a secret from you before her passing. Gina, I’ll answer your question with another question – are you ready to forgive your mom for keeping you in the dark about her health and move on?

      1. Pamela…i am sorry for delay. I just received notification that there was a post.

        Over the past month, I have forgiven my mother. It took me a while to understand, but I now get this was her way of handling it and the way she wanted to go. It still hurts. Maybe this was her way of telling me I need to accept how she handled it?

  10. My mother passed away in November and I have had many dreams of her since then; in every dream she is looking for something. Sometimes she is even upset and crying because she cannot find what she is looking for. Other times she is asking my siblings and I to find items for her and we can’t locate them. Or sometimes we are searching for something and she finds it but it ain’t the correct item. I wake up and it really bothers me for days because I don’t know what to think about these dreams and they leave me feeling really upset and bothered for day.

    1. I’m sorry for the loss of your mother and your upsetting dreams. Please allow yourself the time to grieve her as it’s not an overnight process, I can promise you the pain does lessen over time…

  11. my mother pass away almost 40 years ago for the last 2 nights she has been in my my dreams talking to me but i can’t remember what she said to me.

  12. My wonderful mother passed away this July/2020. It is very difficult for me and I find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that she is gone. I still call her number and dream of her often. When I do dream of her I tell her in the dream she is dead and she responds back with “so I cant visit you and spend the day with you?” and we will do things like go to the park or just go for a drive. This last dream was very upsetting, she came to my house and said she wanted to move back home, I told her that her home was sold now and she became very upset with me and demanded to see the house. Now I am bothered that maybe I did the wrong thing in selling her home. I miss her very much this empty feeling is nauseating. I feel very sad.

    1. I am sorry for the recent loss of your mother and will keep you both in my prayers, Debbie. It’s natural to still be grieving and allow yourself as much time as you need. Your dreams are great examples of the difference between visitation dreams and issue dreams that I wrote about in this blog. The latter dream could be more about your guilt, as those on the other side rarely care about material things.

  13. My Mum passed away in 2015 very suddenly, she went to sleep and never woke up. I dream about her a lot but they are not always the same.
    I dream she is alive and everything is normal except she talks about dying and knows it’s going to happen in roughly 2 weeks. I look at her in shock when she’s saying it but everyone else isn’t shocked and she doesn’t seem upset about it because she never cry’s, she talks about it casually as if we have known for a long time and she is prepared. I dream that she’s going somewhere, she doesn’t say where she just says I’ve got to go and she puts on her coat. She stands at the door in our old house and says goodbye with a smile and waves. I dream she is alive and everything is completely normal and then I wake up crying. Is it normal to dream like this or is there a meaning to it.

    1. I’m just getting to your comment because I was on vacation. Poppy, there is no normal or nonsense in your dreams or in anyone’s dreams. All dreams (especially dreams of the deceased) have meaning and usually a couple of meanings within their dream language.

  14. My mother who passed away less than a year ago has visited me on three separate occasions. last night I saw her while driving (in my dream) and followed her to a house. when we parked i went inside and told her that i thought she had died and that’s why i haven’t seen her. she assured me that she never left and gave me a big hug to comfort me. every time i see her in my dreams we hug and it feels so real, like she’s alive. i am happy that i get to see her in my dreams but when i wake up it’s like experiencing the same pain that i went through during the time of her passing. After the second time she visited me i woke up in tears and prayed that i didnt have to keep experiencing the same pain. after a couple months went by i started to think about her alot more and then this third dream happened. i feel fortunate to see her and hug her in my dreams but i always find myself out of sorts the next day. my siblings haven’t had any experience with her visiting them in my dreams so i guess i’m lucky but the mental stress i undergo the following day/weeks is difficult. i believe she is telling me she’s still here, with us while in the afterlife and she’s still looking after us but i feel guilty for being so sad because at least i get to see her still.

    1. Bradley, your dreams are a gift! Not only do you get to see your mother, you’re processing the grief that’s still trapped inside of you. Allow whatever feelings to come up. The first year can be the hardest, especially during anniversaries, birthdays, and different holidays. Time and mourning lessens the pains, yet decades after my mom’s death, I still can get teary when I think of her.

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